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Vol. 51, No.33, Feb 17 - 23, 2019
Comment: Library in Kabul
Note: Budget 2019-20–Election Gimmick - Ashish Mital
News Wrap - A G D
Citizenship Bill: An Open Letter to Hiren Gohain - Arup Baisya
"What is theTruth": The Rafale Riddle - Bibekananda Ray
Figures For Fun: Mockery of Reservation - Sabrangindia
Recognised Trade Unions: How to Make Labour Docile - Mala Jay
Inequality And Privatisation: Why Environmental Movements Failed or Succeeded - Sagar Dhara


Seminar on "Interrogating the Caste System"
At New Alipore College on 25th February, 2019. Time: 1:00 PM. Speakers: Dr Sekhar Bandyopadhyay & Dr Ranabir Chakravarti. You are welcome.

7th Indo-Bangla Cross Border Cycle Rally
Bhasa Sutra 2019. Kolkata to Dhaka 425 km Cycle Rally. 14 to 21 February, 2019.

বাংলার নদী বাঁচাও
গণ কনভেনশন। ২০ ফেব্রুয়ারি ২০১৯। মহাজাতি সদন। সকাল ১১টা থেকে বিকাল ৪টা। সুবোধ মল্লিক স্কোয়ারে জমায়েত সকাল ১০টা। সবাই আসুন।

People’s Literary Festival
People’s Literary Festival organised by Bastar Solidarity Network- Kolkata Chapter to be held on 15-16th February, 2019 at Sukanta Mancha, Kolkata. Please attend.
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National Women’s Convention
OBR India in collaboration with ANHAD, MKSS, PUCL and SNS is organizing a National Women’s Convention on February 12, 2019 at the Constitution Club, New Delhi to safeguard the Indian Constitution and its values. Please attend.
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We are The Common People
“We are The Common People” is actively working for the issues of the Youths for last several years. At present they are working on the youth manifesto, so that Youth Demands can be forwarded to different political parties. Demands or suggestion regarding youths may be sent to them by 17th Feb 2019 as 18th Feb. 2019 onwards they will start going to different political parties. Write to Subhajit Duttagupta:


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20 Feb 2019

The Case against Hydropower on the Ganga

Bharat Jhunjhunwala

The Union Government must be congratulated for taking a decision not to make new hydropower projects on the Ganga River. The issue of four under-construction hydropower projects on the Mandakini and Alaknanda, however, remains unresolved. About Rs 5,000 crores has been spent on these projects. Question is whether the benefits from scrapping the projects at this stage exceed the costs incurred till date.
The Union Government is spending about Rs 20,000 crores in building Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs) on the Ganga. However, scrapping the four hydropower projects can reduce the expenditures on the STPs. One major measure of pollution of the river is the presence of harmful bacteria called coliforms. These are found in thousands of types. Each type of coliform is destroyed by a specific type of beneficial bacteria called coliphage which are also founds in thousands of types. A particular type of coliform can be destroyed only by a corresponding type of coliphage. 
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20 Feb 2019

A Tale of Two Lakes

Gautam Kumar Das

The tale of two lakes, to be described, bears a little or no relation to poetic beauty, or luscious landscapes surrounding them. The lakes, Kaldighi and Dhaldighi presently at Gangarampur under Dakshin Dinajpur never inspired any poet, painter or novelist as stimulator for their creativity, write-up or romanticism. They (lakes) are simply ordinary in landscape beauty, neither surrounded with the enchanted woods and exotic land that enthrall nature-lovers, but the lakes and their surrounding areas are enriched with the history of ancient times. It’s a mythically known area recognized as Bangarh in the past. Belief of the people on the archaeological site of King Ban and his sovereign at Bangarh is making popular the name of the lakes Kaldighi and Dhaldighi, which are known for centuries. Mythologically it is told that the lakes, excavated by King Ban after the name of his two queens of black (kal) and fair (dhal) complexion, is a popular misconception as survey proves that the lakes are the palaeo-channel of Punarbhaba River. 
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19 Feb 2019
18 Feb 2019
Saving The Future - John Scales Avery
17 Feb 2019
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12 Feb 2019
Don’t fear Fiscal Deficit - Bharat Jhunjhunwala
11 Feb 2019
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10 Feb 2019
10 Feb 2019
07 Feb 2019
The Naxalbari-days: The rural poor formed village defense squad - Translated from Baangla by Farooq Chowdhury
06 Feb 2019
The Bhagvat: A Social text - Radhakanta Barik
05 Feb 2019
04 Feb 2019
03 Feb 2019
02 Feb 2019
02 Feb 2019
01 Feb 2019


Let Us Talk Peace - Z.G.Muhammad
Pulwama Aftermath: The Rising Fears - Peoples Union for Democratic Rights

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