Comment on -"Rayalaseema - Where angels fear to tread"

I. Mallikarjuna Sharma

Regional chauvinism has become the fashion of the day. If four districts can be a State, why not each district? Even then every district of Andhra Pradesh will be more populous than Goa or Mizoram or Arunachal Pradesh. The author perhaps does not know that Rayalaseema was never a coherent homogeneous entity. Anantapur district was a part of Bellary district and any day they would be more happy to rejoin that district. Why not merge Anantapur district in Karnataka? Before independence there were 500-700 princely states and still in many erstwhile princely states areas, the princely successors have considerable popularity and are elected to Assembly or Parliament without much opposition. So, why not restore the old princely states. Kurnool was ruled by a Nawab and later occupied by the British for Nizam and then through Nizam, etc. So why not restore Kurnool to the lineage of the Nawab? If persons like Somasekhara Sarma have their day, they would splinter Andhra Pradesh into umpteen pieces - he already talked of Kalinga Andhra or Uttarandhra. Then why Nellore and Prakasam should be with coastal Andhra, they can be a separate entity. That way Somasekhara Sarma does not know that Telangana is also composed of so many princely dominions - big and small. Let us restore all that legacy. A fi to all talk of linguistic nationalities or ethnic communities. Well, small is beautiful and so why so big a country like India. Let us splinter that up also and make it into a federation or anarchy of hundreds of sovereign states. Hurray to freedom and liberty of multiple sovereignties [my English may be condoned] in a never-united subcontinental territory. 


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