On "Democratic Deficit" by Vaskar Nandy
(Vol. 48, No. 12)

Aswini Kumar Pramanik

Vaskar Nandy’s article 'Democratic Deficit' throws some light on the building of socialism. This may not seem new but still its reiteration was necessary at this moment of despair. And of course, he has spoken, as usual, very clearly. One question, however, still haunts us - who are these vanguards? The party system is mainly managed by middle class whole timers and when the party comes to power, these people in the name of vanguard of the proletariat, controls the working class among others. Whether the party becomes really the party of the workers? Moreover. in the AES, the technocrats had played a great role in managing the economy and were all members of the communist parties. How then the future States captured by the workers will be turned into workers' State? My precise question is whether the communist party also requires a new structure as far as its membership is concerned?

Oct 05 2015