On Badruddin Omar's article -"Yechuri’s ‘Idea of India’ and Communalism"

I. Mallikarjuna Sharma

The tenor and contents of Badruddin Omar's article - ostensibly criticizing Sitaram Yechuri's ideas on secularism and communalism but in effect throwing mud on all the top nationalist leaders of the freedom movement times branding them as Hindu communal with High Caste attitudes and characterizing Muslims as oppressed community along with Christians and scheduled castes, tribes etc. - is not only totally false and highly objectionable but also completely ridiculous. I am yet to find 'oppressed Muslims' in India, especially of the pre-independence times. At least in Hyderabad and Bhopal they were not oppressed, but rulers, oppressing and cruel. In Hyderabad, the majority community was not even allowed to use its own language and open schools in its own language but an alien language, Urdu, was imposed on them and 80-90% of all government employment was allotted to Muslims only. In Madras province which was under British rule, I don't know what oppression Muslims suffered since by all factual data they were having all rights and facilities equally with other communities. If any anomaly was there, it was the cruel and oppressive conduct of Mappillah Muslims (so called Moplahs) of Malabar, but not the other way round. He forgets even to mention the so many struggles carried out by the Congress and the so many years spent by its leaders in jails against the British imperialists while the bulk of the Muslims under Jinnah were colluding with the British. All this only shows leopard seldom changes its spots and it is very difficult for a Muslim to come out of the rut of his religious bigotry. Badruddin Omar strangely not even mentions the worst treatment the post-independent Bangla Muslims meted out to their Hindu colleagues there - with 20% of the Hindu population there reduced to less than 10% or so at present, and bulk of the massacres and rapes committed against Hindu population in Bangladesh. Strangely when Badruddin Omar's cherished Pakistan and Bangladesh have been ethnically cleansing and reducing their Hindu populations to a nullity gradually - here in India and Bengal the Muslim population is growing by leaps and bounds and threatening the very demographic balance tilting it heavily in favor of Muslims - and all this due to Hindu communalism!? Enough is enough, no more such Muslim appeasement and false oppression cries in support of them and facts and situations have to be met squarely on realistic grounds or otherwise India will go down in ruins and Badruddin Omar's type of Muslim leaders will be very liberal to strut like cocks in a Dar-ul-Islam-e-Hindustan! I demand that all the Bangladesh Muslim immigrants, if not since 1971, at least since 1991, should immediately be deported, and pending that, if they are falsely given citizenship and other rights, should immediately be disenfranchised and treated as temporary refugees to be deported sooner than later. Mind my words, otherwise West Bengal first and India next will go to dogs.

I. Mallikarjuna Sharma <

Dec 12 2015