Statement: UCL (Union Communiste Libertaire France/Belgium)

Statement in Support of Indian Farmers' Strike

250 million strikers in India: no farmers means no food!

For the last few weeks the Indian Capital New Delhi has become the epicenter of mass demonstrations that are likely to spread to the entire country in the coming days.

Since September, hundreds of thousands of farmers have been demonstrating against a series of laws that seek to liberalize the agricultural market. Until then farmers benefited from fixed prices on their products, guaranteeing a stable income. These new laws, however, aim to eliminate the government as an intermediary, and open the way for direct negotiations between producers and private sector actors such as supermarkets. Contrary to what Modi wants people to believe that he is « freeing » farmers from the « tyranny » of middlemen, these laws are in fact the first step towards a progressive liberalization of the agricultural sector, the sole purpose of which is to deliver the entire sector into the hands of large agribusiness groups and international competition, as the experience of breeders in France perfectly demonstrates.

Since December 14, 2020, farmers who are currently blocking the main roads of New Delhi, have started a hunger strike. The courageous actions of these « small » farmers has inspired large parts of the Indian population to also demonstrate. Whether students, railway workers, or bankers, they have all understood that, « No farmers means no food » and are responding en masse to the call for a general strike. On November 26th there were already 250 million strikers in the streets, making it the largest simultaneous strike movement in human history. And yet, the press barely covered it.

All over the world, whether in Asia, Africa, Latin America, or Europe, peasants are the victims of an economic system that preaches exploitation and oppression as a virtue. This movement in India demonstrates once again that it is us, the farmers, railway workers, the nurses, the teachers, the unemployed, the people, who have the real power. The governments may have the weapons, but we have the fields and the tractors, the seeds and the horses, and without that, the elites will crumble.

We, humble partisans of the emancipation of human beings in all countries of the world, therefore declare our complete solidarity with our Indian comrades on the streets of Delhi, Andhra Pradesh, Chennai, Punjab, and all over the world.

UCL (Union Communiste Libertaire France/Belgium)

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Dec 24, 2020