Call for participation at the World Forum of Science and Democracy- World Social Forum, Salvador de Bahia, March 13th to 17th 2018
- Deadline Extension: 01/28/2018

Dear friends and colleagues
From the Executive Committee of the Fifth World Forum on Science and Democracy we communicate that we have already begun to receive proposals for activities, thematic axes and other suggestions for our event in March 2018, and with the aim of achieving greater dissemination in all continents, we have decided to extend our call until 01/28/18.

We remind you that all the activities are self- managed, which means that this organization won´t have funds to afdford travel or accomodation. We would like to know those who can participate, to confirm wether you will be able to participate in person or remote (skype, streaming, videoconference, etc.).

Thematic axes:
As a democratic forum involved in the struggle against capitalist science, there is not a closed agenda for debate, but there are pressing issues that may structure some axis of discussion, are, for example:
– science and technology as a common good
– decolonizing university and research institutions
– assessment and governance of emerging technologies
– public engagement in science and technology
– feminism science and technology
– science and technology for social development
– promoting community based participatory reserch
– persecution and criminalization of scientists involved in struggles for rights
– scientific research for what and for whom
– public policy of science and technology
– challenges of climate change, environment, poverty and armed conflict: what alternatives to the current research policies?

We ask colleagues interested in collaborating / participating to make suggestions for activities, such as roundtables, workshops or lectures, related to one or more of the themes highlighted above, or with a theme that you deem relevant and not covered above .
Dates and places:
World Social Forum is going to take place in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil, from 13th to 17th of march, at the facilities of the Federal University of Bahia (UFBA). Our WFSD will take place during this week, in dates to be define with the local comittee of the WSF.

In relation to the schedules, we will have two complete days, divided each one in 2 modules of 4hs morning and afternoon,which should include the development of the proposed activity plus a brief summary report.

Each activity should last at most 2hs, and we should reserve the final 2hs (or more if necesary) for plenary session. 

In this way we will have 7 sessions of activities plus 1 plenary session.

For support, questions, suggestions and proposal of activities can be sent to contact2018(at )


Jan 17, 2018