PCC CPIML’s statement

PCC CPIML’s statement on Indian fascism, attack on students, the imperialist adventures and the working-class struggle

In the backdrop of heightening imperialist conflicts and the rise of fascist forces in the global socio-political scenario and when the global economic crisis is deepening and in the verge of entering into recession, it is imperative that the communists should unite to ensure the working class unity to come out heavily against the citadel of ruling class power for a new dawn of liberty, equality and fraternity.

In India, the fascist brownshirts with the backing of the state are let loose to muzzle the voices for democracy and civilization. The recent attacks on students of various prestigious universities like Jamia, JNU etc. are glaring examples. This fascist onslaught must be resisted with united people’s movement.

The fight for worker’s rights, social security, decent jobs etc. in opposition to the neo-liberal economic policy pursued by the present BJP dispensation in power and the fight for foiling the attempt of the power-that-be to dismantle the constitutional democracy by spearheading an onslaught on Indian civilizational and democratic Idea of Citizenship is moving from strength to strength in every passing day. The PCC CPIML appeals to unitedly resist the attack on the toiling masses of India through the Central Govt’s combined project of exclusionary NRC, communal CAA and NPR linked with NRC. PCC CPIML also rejects the offer of the GoI to the Assamese masses based on clause 6 of the Assam Accord to bamboozle the people of Assam for accepting CAA.

PCC CPIML demands that all the voters should be considered as citizens of India, and the people who are permanently residing in India and whose names are not included due to procedural lacunae must be included in the voter list to consider them as citizens of India.

PCC CPIML thinks that the forthcoming all India strike called by various Trade Unions jointly on 8th January is a historic moment for the working class movement in India when the Workers’ demands for the All India strike included the issue of democracy on citizenship question along with worker’s rights. Worker’s demands to repeal wage code and NRC-CAA are directed against the fascist machinations of the Power-that-be and this will usher in a new dimension in Working Class activism and consciousness. PCC CPIML appeal to all the democratic forces and the people to come out in support of the Trade Union strike.

While combating the fascist danger domestically, the Indian people’s movement has the agenda to settle the score with Imperialist and the global corporates to do away with there domination on India as a nation. The global control of the US imperialist super-power is receding and facing tough challenges. The US adventure in the recent precision drone attack to Kill Iranian Major General Qasem Soleimani may turn out to be a watershed moment for the people’s resistance in Iraq against the US occupying force. The US hegemony in Gulf region and West Asia and control over oil resources with Israel as pivotal power is dwindling with rising people’s resistance movement, shifting allegiance of important NATO members like Turkey to the rival imperialist camps and changing geo-politics. The Iraq is on the verge of becoming a ‘Vietnam Moment’ for the people of America due to the valiant resistance movement of the Iraqis and the strategic misadventure of the US. The world is going to witness the rising people’s movement against the imperialist character of US power in their own country in the coming days. The PCC CPIML demands withdrawal of US occupation force from Iraq and the entire region.

For a better democratic future, the people of India should also up the ante against Chinese expansionism in this subcontinent, Indian big-brotherly attitude with its neighbor and demand the democratic resolution of Kashmir, Naga question in India and Rohingya issue in Myanmar.       

Subhash Deb
General Secretary

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Jan 11, 2020