Press Release: All India Kisan Sangharsh Coordination Committee (AIKSCC)

AIKSCC Appeals For Repeal Of Three Farm Acts

Success Of Talks Hinges On Repeal

Rigidity For Alternate Remedy Is Recipe For Failure

Struggle Will Intensify

AIKSCC says Procedure of Repeal Simple, NOT TIME CONSUMING

AIKSCC Alleges BJP Lacks Political Will to Refuse Corporate Diktats and Support Farmers

Farmers Brave Rain, Cold, Wet Clothes, Soggy Bedding

Resolve to Continue Strong; Insensitive and Adamant Govt Waits Silently as Farmers Consolidate Forces

AIKSCC Hails Sacrifices by Protestors; Says Govt to Blame and These are ‘Murders’ not ‘Suicides’

Savitri Bai Phule Remembered, Lacs Assemble, Draw Inspiration from her Life and Teachings, Extend Support to Farmers Struggle

FThe Working Group of AIKSCC has appealed to the Central Govt not to be insensitive to the Farmers of India in its blind commitment to serve corporates and crony capitalists. The success of tomorrow’s talks depend entirely on the Repeal of these 3 Farm Acts. There has been much speculation about procedures for repeal of the Acts. AIKSCC clarifies that it can be done by an Ordinance followed by a Parliamentary repeal and the Constitution provides for the Government and Parliament to make as well as repeal laws. They are neither time consuming, nor complicated. If the Modi Govt has the will, it is a matter of only a day or two. The main hurdle is the political will of the BJP led NDA Govt. The main question is - does the Govt stand with Corporates or the Farmers?

AIKSCC has said that the Central Govt's quest for an alternative remedy is a sure recipe for failure. It will complicate matters and lead to intensification of the struggle all over the country, at great cost of life and livelihood of farmers, who have been intensifying the struggle at great cost. While lacs of protesting farmers at Delhi are braving the extreme cold conditions and heavy downpour which has made wet and soggy clothes and bedding, the mood at all camps continues to be of high spirits. Farmers continue to be in high morale and are consolidating forces. All four major protest sites are being coordinated, more forces are joining in and protests in other places are continuing.

AIKSCC has blamed the Central Govt for all those farmers who have sacrificed their lives during the protests due to apathy of the Govt. It has called these deaths as Murders, not Suicides. It has demanded accountability for these from the Central Govt and has said the Govt has exposed its insensitive and ruthless face towards suffering of people.
On the appeal of the AIKSCC, women, farmers, workers, intellectuals and common people observed the birth anniversary of Savitri Bai Phule by linking her contribution and struggle to advancement of the downtrodden and drawing inspiration from this to support the present struggle of farmers.

Delhi, 3rd January, 2021

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Jan 4, 2021