Statement from the Faculty at Presidency University

We, members of the faculty at Presidency University, Kolkata, are deeply disturbed by reports of incidents that involve repression of opinions expressed by students and faculty on campus, irrespective of whether the views are held by those attacked in any particular instance. We believe that the Constitution guarantees citizens such freedom of speech, as long the expression of views does not incite violence or violates explicitly stated points of Indian law. We welcome the sturdy resistance shown by colleagues to the recent incidents of assault and menacing speech on academic campuses in Delhi reported in the media.

We are equally concerned at reports of the recent attack on Professor Prasanta Chakravarty and the events of violence and intimidation in institutions of higher learning in Delhi. We wish Professor Chakravarty a full and quick recovery.

While expressing our concern for the reported events in the national capital, we hope that colleagues would show the same strength and solidarity when similar incidents take place in less visible institutions or in remoter parts of the country. It would be a damning comment on our sense of priorities if we attempt to energize the media, including the social media, only when such incidents occur in high-profile institutions that are considered 'newsworthy' by the commercial media.

Anindya Gangopadhyay (Hindi)
Anupama Mohan (English)
A. P. Rajaram (Performing Arts)
Arnab Halder (Chemistry)
Biswajit Roy (Statistics)
Dhiraj Barman (Geography)
Hia Sen (Sociology)
Madhuchanda Ghosh (Political Science)
Madhura Shamkant Damle (Political Science)
Mahitosh Mandal (English)
Mousumi Dutta (Economics)
Mridu Rai (History)
Nabamita Das (Sociology)
Niladri Roy (Performing Arts)
Oyndrila Sarkar (History)
Pampa Paul (Mathematics)
Pradip Basu (Political Science)
Prithviraj Guha (Economics)
Purna Banerjee (English)
Rishi Bhushan Chowbay (Hindi)
Ritaban Chatterjee (Physics)
Sandip Mandal (Bengali)
Saswatee Mukherjee (Economics)
Satyabrat Sinha (Political Science)
Satyadeo Prasad (Hindi)
Saurav De (Statistics)
Shampa Sarkar (Life Sciences)
Souvik Mondal (Sociology)
Souvik Mukherjee (English)
Sreemati Mukherjee (Performing Arts)
Suchetana Chatterjee (Physics)
Suddhaseel Sen (English)
Sukanya Sarbadhikary (Sociology)
Sumit Chakrabarti (English)
Suvrata Chowdhary (Sociology)
Swapan K Chakravorty (Rabindranath Tagore Chair in the Humanities)
Swarupa Gupta (History)
Tanuja Majumdar (Hindi)
Upal Chakrabarti (Sociology)
Uttam Biswas (Bengali)
Yarraguntla Suresh Babu (Political Science)
Zaad Mahmood (Political Science)

This is the view of the signatories, and not an official statement by the University, or any of its Departments.

Mar 04, 2017