Press Release: Ganatantrik Adhikar Suraksha Sangathan, Odisha , 20 March 2018

Demanding immediate steps for curbing probable communal violence on day of coming Ram Navami

Ganatantrik Adhikar Suraksha Sangathan, Odisha demands before the government of Odisha to deploy more security forces at various sensitive places like Bhadrak, Sambalpur, Cuttack and Kendrapada and should not give permission to any type of processions and Kalas Jatra on the day of Ram Navami (26th March 2018) or later. Here to say that in a civilized society any type of communal violence is unacceptable, specifically in a peace loving state like Odisha. But on this day of Ram Navami or later communal violence happens particularly in Bhadrak town which was happened on April 6 and 7, 2017. We have seen how hundreds of shops and two religious places were burnt last year in Bhadrak town, just after the Ram Navami, due to communal violence. We had published a fact-finding report on such violence in May 2017.

It reminds us what was happened in 1991 in Bhadrak. On the day of Ram Navami that year communal violence erupted in Bhadrak and Sora town in which few people were killed and several houses and shops were also burnt. That continued for few weeks. Since then observation of Ram Navami has been a day of panic within the minority specifically in the districts like Cuttack, Bhadrak, Sambalpur and Kendrapada.

It has been common to see that provoking slogans are given through Public Address system and a recorded song of this content also aired on this day at various places of Odisha. Usually the slogans such as “Only those will be permitted in Hindustan whoever says Ram”, “Hindustan is meant for Hindus only”, “Son of pig” etc. which are anti-constitutional in nature. The people of Odisha has given responsibility to the government to keep spirit of the constitution. So, in this regard we demand that;

(a) More security forces should be deployed in communal sensitive towns like Bhadrak, Sora, Dhamnagar, Kendrapada, Sambalpur and Cuttack soon. The government should not give permission to religious procession, Kalas Jatra etc on the day of Ram Navami or after the Day.

(b) Except worshiping Lord Ram no other activities should be permitted on Ram Navami.

(c) The Peace Committee should not be constituted in the line of one’s belief or religion. It should be formed with inviting those individuals and organization who are giving respect to the constitution and are working for protection of constitutional rights of the common man.

Golak Bihari Nath, President
Deba Ranjan, General Secretary
Ganatantrik Adhikar Suraksha Sangathan, Odisha

Mar 23, 2018