Khudai Khidmatgar Statement

Khudai Khidmatgar Statement on the Arrest of Gandhian Peace activist Faisal Khan

Gandhian social activist Faisal Khan, National convenor of Khudai Khidmatgar a Gandhian Organization being established by Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan was on a five-day pilgrimage (Yatra), dated 24-29 October 2020, to holy land of Krishna, Braja. He was participating in ancient Chaurasi Kosi Yatra of Govardhan. In his Yatra he met with several peoples as well as the priest of various temples.

One can see the videos, pictures of his yatra which are available on his Facebook profile. There were great discussions about the philosophy of Hinduism, verses of Tulsidas g, Raskhan g and Rahimdas.

On the last day of his pilgrimage, Faisal Khan visited the holy temple of “Nand Baba”. He paid his obeisance there. That was the time of his afternoon prayers, so he asked for suitable place. The people who were there in the temple were allowed him to offer prayers in the temple compound itself by saying that you are already in the home of God so why you need to go anywhere else. Hearing it Faisal Khan completed his prayers. After it he and other members stayed in the Temple for some more time and they had their lunch in the same temple.

Everything was fine. On 29th October the Yatra was completed and he returned to Delhi with all. After 3 days he got the information from some local media people that there are some people who are not happy with the incidents which took place on 29th October and they are going to complain with the police.

Then today on 2nd of November he has been arrested by UP Police under section 153A, 295 and 505 and being taken to Mathura. In few TV Media false stories are being shown. We strongly oppose all the allegations which are put on Faisal Khan, his associates Chand Mohd., Nilesh Gupta and Sagar Ratna.

Khudai Khidmatgar believe in Peace, Love and Communal Harmony, Faisal Khan as an individual is working from last three decades on these issues and the objective of Khudai Khidmatgar is also the same. We focus to counter the any forms of religious extremism in this society. Many Hindu religious institutions have appreciated and acknowledged the work of Faisal khan for his uncompromised work for peace and brotherhood.

Faisal Khan and we all as the members of Khudai Khidamatgar have full faith in Humanity as well as the Rule of Law. Our efforts were, are, and always will be for the betterment of the society.

We are continuously trying to put our views from different platforms through disciplined and inclusive approach.

In the last we also want to say that if anybody individual or organization feels that we have hurt their sentiments then we are sorry for that but still want to add it was never our intention.

Thanks and Regards,
Pawan Yadav
Spokes Person
Khudai Khidmatgar

2nd November 2020

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Nov 17, 2020

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