Open Letter to the Prime Minister of India:
Hypocrisy Thy Name

Dr. S. Jeevananda Reddy
Hyderabad, 4rd October 2017

Respected Prime Minister,

1.      Demonetization, GST & FM:

Sir, sometime back I brought to your kind notice some facts on demonetization and GST and as well on present FM.  What I observed in those mails appear to be 100% correct from the views expressed by Yaswant Sinha, the former FM [he presented budget 7 times] from BJP and former FMs/PM of UPA Governments. Also joined in this BJP stalwart Arun Sourie Hon’ble Finance Minister [FM] Arun Jaitley without a scant respect for the former FM and BJP leader Yaswant Sinha, used very poor quality words “Job Applicant at 80s” instead of telling to public how he is going to correct the negative economy that India is facing currently. FM is in a hurry with little or no homework. Take the case of FM announcing at a public meeting that he is going to slash the GST slabs. They announce with demonetization unearthed three lakh crores black money to cover up poor actions!!!

The common talk of the town is, Sir, you are acting like an “Event Manager” rather than like a “Prime Minister of the Country with 125 crores population, which constitute more than 17% of global population. This is abundantly clear from the way your senior minister talk at national and international level -- Also, it appears that FM is running the administration, which is dangerous to the nation in general and people in specific. There is an urgent need, Sir, to look in to this to save India from negative economy. Sir, your words are not reflecting in “action”.

2.      Climate Change

Hon’ble External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj talk on Climate Change at UN meet as if no other issue is important to India, though the former MoEF&CC Minister after returning to India from Paris meet on Climate Change informed the parliament in December 2015 that out of 2181 Himalayan Glaciers around 86.6% presented no change. In fact, Sir, with our objections and rejections, IPCC withdrew and expressed apology for its recommendation that Himalayan Glaciers will melt by 2035 that too after receiving Noble Prize for such type of inaccurate report. In fact the co-recipient of Noble Prize Al Gore also withdrew his conclusion that Greenland ice will melt in five years – after 2012 the minimum level of Greenland ice each year is showing above the 2012 line only. From the satellite temperature data it is abundantly clear that no change in temperature – pause -- before the two El Nino events [1997-98 and 2014-16]:  (a) 1980-1997 and 2001-2015. The major ups and downs clearly reflect the influence of Southern Oscillation – El Nino (warm phase) and La Nina (cold phase) -- and Volcano eruptions (cold phase).  Natural variability, Sir, in the precipitation is the major player in Indian rainfall. Unfortunately, Sir, scientists with vested interests is misguiding the government on this vital issue that has major role in agriculture and water resources availability – floods and droughts.

3.      Swachh Bharat Mission

We talk day in day out, Sir, the menace of stray dogs but we rarely talk on “silent killer”, the pollution from the garbage, leave other issues aside. More than 80% of the garbage generated in India is the major source of pollution-unhygienic conditions; and in addition causing flooding in urban areas by clogging the drains-nalas-tanks. We talk of, Sir, food production but we rarely look in to adulteration of food and wastage of food or for that matter polluted food. These are the major health hazard components. We talk of fund crunch but the governments spend lavishly to create vote bank politics. We waste public money on 100 smart cities without correcting existing cities. Take the recent example of Telangana Government’s “Dasara bonanza with public money for Singareni staff to wrest trade union elections in a day”.  No state or central body questioned this un-ethical act of the Telangana State Government just before elections. Open defecation is common all over India, more particularly in urban areas, even though government claims the other way.  Stray dogs act as cleaning act of such defecation. On the contrary the pet dogs became a menace to neighbourhood in terms of pee and creating loud noise – USA has a law to punish the owners of pet dogs but in India we don’t have law to control this menace.

With the urban floods, Swachh Bharat Mission comes to zero level. Governments are more interested in spending public money on festivals and thus creating environmental destruction but rarely bothered on disaster management except presenting show after the disaster. On the occasion of Gandhi [Sastry] Jayanthi, Sir, you advocated that “even a 1000 Gandhis and a lakh Modis and all the CMs will not succeed unless the mission is adopted by India’s 125 crore population”.  This is not so, Sir, as more than 85% of population have no time for such missions as they have to earn their daily bread. Governments have created systems to carry out such missions but they failed to their services except collecting their salaries and other perks. CMs and PMs are doing little in this direction. This shows the type of governance we have. India needs good governance at both state and central levels. Unless that is achieved, such missions provide a means to waste public money.  There are people with vested interests to create hype on one day and get fame through media, there it ends. Anna Hazare now – after three long years of rest – starts talking on a bill instead of doing something in that direction to stop corruption. May be he is looking for something else – may be for Bharat Ratna!!! Like several others-corrupt to core (late) politicians.

Let us do something and not waste time on preaching.

With kind regards,

Dr. S. Jeevananda Reddy
Formerly Chief Technical Advisor of WMO & Expert of FAO of United Nations
Fellow, Telangana Academy of Sciences
Convenor, Forum for a Sustainable Environment

Oct 12, 2017

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