2019 a cruelest year

Radhakanta Barik

The year 2019 is going to be remembered as Salman Khan's Big Boss where a group of boys and girls live in an isolated place for three months. They abuse each other and speak loudly. They create a noisiest scene without any light and energy. This is happening to Modi Shah Regime which have come in the year 2019. Modi -2 is the   noisiest period in Indian politics the most vulgar words are being used in politics for this year. The worst vulgarity is the law for constitutional amendment on citizenship based on religion. Indian youths have come to the streets and creating hopes for the 2020 which may be the most peaceful year by bringing the end to fascism of Modi Shah. Politics of Modi Shah can be placed in the domain of globalization when the Indian state withdrew from economic domain. As inequality has increased and one percentage of people have acquired wealth of almost 70 percentages of total national wealth. This sort of inequality has created anger among common peplumed government after coming to power and brought out a budget just six months back and started taxing the super-rich but withdrew corporate tax under the pressures of these houses. This has increased the budgetary deficit beyond four percentages which has increased inflationary trend affecting common people. Inequality is the product of the globalization era.

 In globalisation era after 1991 when Indian state retreated from economic activities the mobile middle class got accommodated so well that they forgot to protest against neo liberal economic policies. It was the view of leading of economist Sukhamoy Chakravarty who was a member of Planning commission of that time. Partly the Congress government managed the economy in a neoliberal phase in such a manner without creating disruption in the welfare activities. They reduced the public sector economy to Nabratna where these public sector industries were doing well. This made a section of Indian industrialists more ambitious to grab all these public sector activities into their pockets. They were led by Gujarati industrialists who experimented their economic expansion with the rise of communalism led by Modi as an ideal choice. Five Gujarati industrialists succeeded to campaign in favour of Modi in 2014 by giving a slogan of Gujarat model. In Gujarat under Modi which gave land acquisition within a shortest time. Communalism kept the working class within their limits. This model reinforced communalism plus privatisation which appealed the Indian middle class. They are the backbone of the phase of communal politics of Modi Shah.

But industrial decline and closing down most of the industries have made them angry. Modi went for rapid communalisation by dividing citizens on the basis of religion by enacting CAB which made them scared of their future as there might be no economic growth in coming years under the rapid communalisation of politics. This has created fear in the minds of middle class to come to the streets for the first time. First they started agitations in universities and Institutes but with the coming of CAB their movement has gone outside the university campus to the streets. This is the first radical politics of Indian middle class after 1991 who are campaigning against CAA and NRC where middle class are leading the struggles against a communal fascist regime.

 Modi and Yogi are facing a tough time by their poor management of law and order in UP. This state is popularly known as the worst state in terms of law and order. Modi came back to UP as he wants to capture UP. His intellectual level fits into UP mentality where caste permutation and combination works. In their calculation they succeeded win most of the Parliament seats which gave them the majority in centre. Modi 2 got shaped by UP politics which wants to lead a pyramid designed by Hindutva that it is only high caste Hindus having right to rule over others. It is the political design hidden in Manusashtra that caste hierarchy works in politics and economic and society. This design worked out by political monk like Yogi with the blessings from Modi and Shah. He ruled with SPs and Collectors belonging either to his own caste or high castes. This is the social mechanism reinforced to administrative machinery of UP which spoiled public administration.

 Rule of Law does not work and Police attacked the ordinary citizens sitting in their homes or sleeping with their family members who got attacked by the police men in midnight. Protest got fired by the policemen without giving warning to the protesters. This caused deaths more than twenty people. This has resulted in working of administration in just opposite directions which are not allowed in rule book prepared by the Home Ministry.

F. Nariman, the senior most lawyer raised a point at the time of Yogi Adityanath taking the Chief Ministership of UP that for the first time a religious man has taken over power. A theocratic state has been established in UP. The way he acted while people went on protests against CNA. Police people went to the houses of Muslims and physically attacked the elderly people in their houses. His administration has unleashed terror in UP. 20 persons have been killed while people were taking peaceful processions and cases have been filed against many for getting fines from those involved in the procession. Even the Congress leaders are getting physically assaults.  Yogi justified the police action as badla. Modi has justified the police action. A constitutional state has turned into a theocratic police state.

UP's lawlessness has been planned so well that during the protest on CAA common people are getting police attacks. Modi Yogi have succeeded to create a rumour that some unknown people have killed these people. Such a well-planned machinations have got exposed that SP of a district has told that because of police firing one person has been killed by bullet. This brings out truth that armed police can work against public as they are supposed to maintain law and order. it seems that they are responsible in making such things happen for creating fear in the minds of public as they should not come out for peaceful protest against CAA. It is a joke of ruling party politics. Modi Yogi have worked out so well in UP that people live in fear. That the BJP is planning to unleash terror against the public who are protesting for some days against such an unconstitutional law. Let us be careful that these things can happen by the BJP who are committed to muscular nationalism working against democracy and constitution. But better to be careful in planning a peaceful satyagraha against the CAA.

 Teaching Indian Constitution to undergraduate students one finds the philosophical basis of the preamble of the Constitution that we the people of India which brings everybody and every section of a society to create a constitutional state. It is a contractual state which is supposed to protect the rights of people be it equality or liberty or religious freedom. Such a state is under the challenge from the ruling elite who brought a law CAA without discussing in the council of ministers where the Citizenship Act got discussed in Constituent Assembly for a period of two months and they reached a consensus that citizenship is by birth or father's birth not on the basis of religion. The present government has not spent two hours for discussion on CAA which indicates they fear the dialogue which has created a movement around this country where old to young women are sitting in a street of Delhi demanding a discussion with the PM Modi or Home Minister Shah with them over the new law. They are not ready to come forward to this place where as in the coldest night of hundred years the oldest women of 92 protesting against the law demanding a dialogue. This brings out truth that IIM professors sitting in Bangalore demanding the withdrawal of the act and last fortnight they are sitting and protesting against the act. A pregnant woman expecting to give birth to a child at any day hoping that my child creates hopes in me that one day the citizenship act will be withdrawn along with the NRC. Which will be a moral victory for my child yet to be born.

 Loss of Jharkhand from the ruling BJP has been explained by timid media as the politics of local issues which is an absurd remark. As if local issues have no relationship with the national or central government's policy. Let us examine their views that high rate of unemployment among tribals of the state has a close association with the central government's policy of the public sector. As tribals used to get their quota because of implementation of the reservation policy but with the privatisation or closure of public sector for some years under Modi has affected the unemployment. Let us examine the working of public sector in the state which got started with the government's policy of the central government have got sick today without any demand created by the government. Agricultural policy of the central government has affected their grain production in the state as there is no real price for their goods. Today's inflation of essential consumer goods is the result of central government's policy. Modi is ruling like King Luis 14 without bothering of problems of common people spending time abroad and enjoying his days with beautiful expensive costumes and visiting the foreign land and meeting the stylist political leaders has not improved our relationship with the foreign countries which requires a policy of non-alignment which is being sabotaged by him and his foreign minister.

The Congress leaders went to Gandhi Samadhi and took an oath in the name of Constitution of India. They all read out the portion on Preamble. As Preamble is a statement of people of India where voice of each group has got articulated in it. They all show that Indian state is a contractual State where each group be religious or class or ethnicity have given their commitment for forming a constitutional state which can protect their rights enshrined in the Chapter on Fundamental Rights. Modi government by enacting the CAA has created an attack of Himalayan nature on rights of people. Their right to equality their right to liberty and fraternity have been affected. They jointly are protesting against such a brutal attack on them. It is a real battle in saving Indian Constitution from the attacks from Modi Shah government.

After Modi came to power he gave a slogan to strengthen public administration in India that less government and more governance. The best example is Jharkhand where governance can be tested for the last five years. The chief minister was an ex executive of Tata Company. Governance is supposed to deliver public services such as education, health and mid-day meal and public distribution system. In primary education it has further declined as per Nitiayog says in the case of health services it has further deteriorated as per the same organisation. in the case of PDS according Prof Dreze who is doing his field work from Ranchi University has gone down. This has resulted in death of children and their family members without having access to food. Mid-day meal has been misused by the administration.

 Mr. Das enjoyed his term as chief minister started collecting rent for giving licenses by leasing mines. The candidate who defeated him has listed his corruption cases. His government was not less but more for the corporate houses. Modi's slogan has got fruition and less government and more governance. His government had a poor track record in maintaining the law and order that there were fourteen cases of murders by cow vigilantes which are on the top of list but minorities and tribals feel unsafe in the state.

 Modi according to managers of the election campaign body of the BJP gave their hero less public appearances. The Election Commission conducted in five phases of election which indirectly supported Modi for going once in each phase. This has resulted in defeat of the BJP and their chief minister has lost which is a part of history. Marx defined ideology as false consciousness. Hindutva is hundred percent false consciousness. Their rule exploits public for a period of five years. Their loss in Jharkhand explains their ideological bankruptcy. Opposition win explains the politics will return back to performance. 

We take always pride in following the model of governance of England where the two Prime Ministers had to resign within a six months period. The present Prime Minister of England had to face the electorate and got a mandate. It is like their English Premier Clubs where the managers who could not perform got sacked. At the yearend everybody is calculating the performance of each organisation. Our Prime Minister Modi and Home Minister Shah have performed so poorly that they have turned into NPA of the banks. But then public must put pressures on them that their performance on economic front has gone down and down which has reached the bottom. As the leading historian Marc Bloch says that any governance needs to be evaluated in terms of economic growth and improvement in level of income of people in his study of French Revolution and its impact brings out a historical truth. The present regime has turned into non-performing assets and furthermore they have added a new disruptive strategy by enacting the Amendment to Citizenship act which made youths of India come to the streets for last fortnight.

  Modi's five years rule went without any public protest, although he involved in reckless activities such as Demonitisation combined with attacks on minorities by cow vigilantes. Yes there were limited protests by young people against cow vigilantes sponsored by the BJP for attacking the minorities. Passivity is a characteristic of our political and social order. For the first time in the second phase of Modi-2 popular protests have erupted all over India. People are having a second reading of Indian constitution and giving a gift of a book to the Home Minister. As most of the BJP politicians are trained in the RSS schools where constitution does not have space. This constitution is being read by youths all over India and people are reinterpreting the Preamble and Chapter three of fundamental rights which provide them rights to protest and dissent.

 But in Mana Ki Bat by Modi characterises it as anarchy is not being liked by youths. Surely it looks to him as an anarchy but it is a popular protest the most peaceful protest against the Modi rule against the CAA which has affected each citizen. Anarchy by ruling establishment is not anarchy but public actions are getting organised by people belonging to all castes and communities. This is a very heroic struggle of people of India.  These non-performing assets like Modi and Shan need to go now. 2019 a bitter year for a nation's life came to end. Economy is on slide down and highest rate of unemployment which affects our young people. Bringing a law on Constitutional amendment to citizenship on the basis of religion has created a street fight against the Modi Shah government. 2020 will bring some joys in life of a nation as the Assembly election of Jharkhand shows. Let us hope that this year brings an end to Asura's rule over India.

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Jan 6, 2019

Prof. Radhakanta Barik

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