Frontier Weekly
Vol 57, No. 3, Jul 14 - 20, 2024
NCERT Books - Humra Quraishi
Evicting Hawkers? Not a Chance! - Anindya Bhattacharya

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Mass Rebellion, No Revolution- Editorial
First International and its Contemporary Relevance - Marcello Musto
Bishnu Dey and Das Kapital - Asok Chattopadhyay
Preparation of the 1947 Draft of the Programme of the of the CPSU - Vijay Singh
Marxism, Capitalism and Democracy - Arup Baisya
Ascendancy of Capitalism in China - Harsh Thakor
Markets and Democracy: A Brewing Crisis - Anup Sinha
South Asia in Crisis - Sushil Khanna
Revamping Indian Agriculture- Satya Sundaram
Gopal Sen: the Murder of a Vice-Chancellor- Amit Bhattacharya
The Future of the War in Ukraine - Sumanta Banerjee
Hindutva Sleeping Cell in Congress- Shamsul Islam
Of Lay-offs and Retrenchment - Nityananda Ghosh
Modi’s Statecraft - Himanshu Roy
India’s DNA - Ashok Nag
How Muslim Ghettos Emerged in Twentieth-century Calcutta - Ritajyoti Bandyopadhyay
Early Communist Activism in Kolkata - Farooque Chowdhury
Communalism, Fundamentalism and Obscurantism - Aloke Mukherjee
A Discourse on ‘Riot Politics’ in Gujarat- Arup Kumar Sen
Cooperatives: Dream and Reality - Sukanta Sarkar
World Lacks Any Credible Institutional Capacity to Deal with Climate Change - Vinod Mubayi
Parallel Economy Continues to Flourish - Manas Bakshi
A Poet against Fascism - A C
Why Not Uniform Economic Code? - Ranganayakamma
Sedition Law–a British Legacy- I M Sharma
Back Story of Covid-19–Pandemic or Plandemic? - Pranjali Bandhu
Bhagat Singh in Canada - Chaman Lal
Political Economy of Speed Rail in Kerala - K T Rammohan
Continuing Decline of Bengal Economy - Atanu Chakravarty
D D Kosambi Research Foundation - Kobad Ghandy
Ranajit Guha, Subaltern School and Anthropology in India - Abhijit Guha
Jaduguda Uranium Mining Cluster - Bernard D’Mello
Climate Change, Peak Oil, Inequality - Sagar Dhara
Transition Town Movement - T Vijayendra
Condition of Prisons and Prisoners - Aurobindo Ghose
Boris Kagarlitsky in New ‘Gulag’ - K M Seethi


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*Social Sector Development in North-East India
Bicycle-SelectedArticles & Stories-Viju
BICYCLE: Selected Articles and Stories
by T. Vijayendra

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Transition Town-Viju
Transition Town Movement - Local Action in the Wake of Golabal Emergency & Collapse
by T. Vijayendra

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The story book "Credible Fantasies"
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The Age of Rage and Rebellion,
Fifty Years after the Spring Thunder

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