Volume 42, No. 1 to 52 (Year 2009-10)

Vol. 42 No 1, July 19-25, 2009
Environment, Growth and Death -Bharat Jhunjhunwala

Vol. 42 No 2, July 26-Aug 1, 2009
Caste And Democracy -Vidya Bhushan Rawat
Maoism vs Mao Thought -Harsh Thakor
Biofuel-The New Menace --By a Correspondent

Vol. 42 No 3, Aug 2-8, 2009
Note: War on Drugs -Anand Grover writes
Hindutva Terror in Nepal -Subhas Ghatade
Lalgarh: Mao vs Marx -Pothik Ghosh

Vol. 42 No. 4, Aug 9-15, 2009
Note: Quality of Fiscal Deficit -Bharat Jhunjhunwala writes
News Wrap --AGD

Vol. 42 No. 5, Aug 16-22, 2009
Note: 'No' to Uranium Mining -Saraswati Kavula writes
Communal Frenzy Again -Subhas Ghatade
Poison on the Platter -Pradeep Baisakh
Rape as a Weapon -Eileen Pittaway
Drought in Bihar -Dinesh Kumar Mishra
39th IFFI: Indian Panorama -Abhijit Ghosh-Dastidar

Vol. 42 No. 6, Aug 23-29, 2009
Note: The Burqa Controversy -Asghar Ali Engineer writes
Turmoil In China's Underbelly -T G Jacob & P Bandhu
The Torture Memos -Alan Goodman
Film: Two -Abhijit Ghosh-Dastidar
Raigad Peasant Revolt -Aseem Srivastava

Vol. 42 No.7, Aug 30-Sep 5, 2009
Note: World Government Needed -Bharat Dogra writes
Common School System -Ramesh Patnaik
Film: Katyn -Abhijit Ghosh-Dastidar

Vol. 42 No. 8, Sep 6-12, 2009
Comment: Right to Food
Note: India vs Pakistan -Farrukh Saleem writes
Film: Gulabi Talkies and Antardhawani -Abhijit Ghosh-Dastidar
An Open Letter to Obama - Mairead Maquire

Vol. 42 No. 9, Sep 13-19, 2009
Note: Of Humans and Frogs -Xavier Dias writes
Nehru, Jinnah and Partition -Asghar Ali Engineer
Whither Pakistan? -Bharat Jhunjhunwala

Autumn Number 2009
Vol.42 No.10-13, Sep 20-Oct 17, 2009
Conversations in Japan - Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak
Remembering the Tiananmen - Paresh Chattopadhyay
Right to Education Bill - Manas Joardar
Bhowani Sen and Somnath Lahiri - Ramkrishna Bhattacharya
Engels on 'Authority' - Ranganayakamma
Beyond Petroleum - T Vijayendra
New Films by Menzel and Tarr - Abhijit Ghosh-Dastidar
Labour's Right to Run the State - Dipanjan Rai Chaudhuri
Ageless Jogen Chowdhury - Debabrata Chakrabarti
Goodbye to Taching - Farooque Chowdhury
Relevance of Sanskrit - Madhusudan Pal Vedanta Tirtha
Lost Alternatives - Ismail Chaudhury
The November Uprising - Santosh Rana

Vol. 42 No. 14, Oct 18-24, 2009
Comment: RSS Matters
Note: Abrupt Climate Change -A Correspondents writes
Vanishing Wonders -Farooque Chowdhury
Zero Waste -Robin Murray

Vol. 42 No. 15, Oct 25-31, 2009
Note: Anglo-American Designs -Niloufer Bhagwat writes
Partition Revisited -K Gajendra Singh
Film: Barah Anna -Abhijit Ghosh-Dastidar

Vol. 42 No. 16, Nov 1 -7, 2009
Battle for Space
Comment:The Rise of Gold
Note: Nuclear Shadow -J S writes writes
News Wrap -AGD
My Answers to Prager Fruehling -Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak
Jinnah Was Not Secular -Ram Puniyani
Brutalising Prisoners -Subhash Gatade
Two Summits -Fidel Castro Ruz
A Step Forward...But - Rukmini Sen

Vol. 42 No. 17, Nov 8-14, 2009
Note: Trapped by Poverty -CYH writes
The Decline of American Empire -Farooque Chowdhury
A Revolution in the Making -Fidel Castro Ruz
Film: Shob Charitro Kalponik - Abhijit Ghosh-Dastidar

Vol. 42 No. 18, Nov 15-21, 2009
Mission Likely
Comment:Rotten to the Core
Note: Terrorising Labour -Satyam writes
News Wrap -AGD
The Financial Crisis & Imperialism
Grand 'Unorganised` Opera -J John
RSS and Minorities -Ram Puniyani
'No` to Low-Cost Drugs -Martin Khor
Stolen Lives-Killed by Police - Shabnam Hashmi

Vol. 42 No. 19, Nov 22-28, 2009
Note: Gaddafi–Yesterday and Today -Gurdarshan Singh writes
Are Media Mad?-Madhusudan Pal Vedantatirtha
Of Great Depression & Protectionism - Kanaga Raja
America in Iran - By A Correspondent

Vol. 42 No. 20, Nov 29-Dec 5, 2009
Note: UNDP REPORT 2009 -I Satya Sundaram writes
Mission to Myanmar -Song Qingrun
- Asghar Ali Engineer
War Crimes in Gaza - Kanaga Raja

Vol. 42 No. 21, Dec 6-12, 2009
Note: The Challenge of "Cheap" Electricity -Bharat Jhunjhunwala writes
China at Sixty -Pranab Bardhan
Book In Brief - Che

Vol. 42 No. 22, Dec 13-19, 2009
Comment:Bt Brinjal
Note: Danger of Disintegration -Lalkar writes
Dialectics of Science -Partho Sarathi Roy
Continuing War - Beena Sarwar

Vol. 42 No. 23, Dec 20-26, 2009
Note: The Land Question -Bharat Dogra writes
India’s Long War -Arundhati Roy
8 Years Later -Larry Everest
Film: Dwando -Abhijit Ghosh-Dastidar

Vol. 42 No. 24, Dec 27, 2009 -Jan 2, 2010
Road to Disaster
Comment: Campaign for Showdown
Note: Inequality vs Poverty -Bharat Jhunjhunwala writes
News Wrap -AGD
’Figures for Fun’ -Madhusudan Pal Vedanta Tirtha
Bloody Rajarhat–The Untold Story -Santanu Sengupta
Hiren Basu -Nityapriya Ghosh<

Vol. 42 No. 25, Jan 3-9, 2010
Comment :Rights of the Child
Note: Easy Money Policy -Bharat Jhunjhunwala writes
Rediscovering Marx -Michael A Lebowitz
RANEN SEN: Indian Communist History Revisited -Sankar Ray
Dettol, Basmati and Terrorism- Jawed Naqvi
Marx, Darwin Connection in London - Sisir Kr Majumdar
FILM: Samantar - Abhijit Ghosh-Dastidar

Vol. 42 No. 26, Jan 10-16, 2010
Not Dead Yet
Comment:Cuba Shinning
Note: Looting Mountains -A Correspondent writes
Of Traditional Knowledge -And Practice -Subrata Sinha
‘NO’ to Reforms -Martin Khor
Middle Class and NEP - A B
Film: Videsh - Abhijit Ghosh-Dastidar
Extremism and Its Causes - Asghar Ali Engineer

Vol. 42 No. 27, Jan 17-23, 2010
Capping Nuclear Liability
Comment:The Blockade Remains
Note:Brussells Tribunal -Francoius Houtait writes
Revisiting Telengana (1946-1951) -T G Jacob & P Bandhu
Domestic Violence and Law -Rukmini Sen
Bhopal : The Forgotten Victims - Nina Lakhani
Weathering American Storm - Mark Weisbrot
India’s Look East Policy Reconsidered - Ramkrishna Bhattacharya

Vol. 42 No. 28, Jan 24-30, 2010
Everything But Leftism
Comment: Food Inflation!
Note: Wooing America Won’t Work -Bharat Jhunjhunwala writes
Copenhagen : A Failed Summit -Fidel Castro Ruz
‘Operation Green Hunt’ - Mukundan
Destabilising Venezuela- W T Whitney
Of Civil Society and Chidambaram’s War - Dipanjan Rai Chaudhuri

Vol. 42 No. 29, Jan 31-Feb 6, 2010
Secret War
Comment: It’s Martial Law
Note: Democracy Sans Democrats -A Correspondent writes
Alwar Shows the Way -Abhijit Guha
‘Samar Sen’ -M R Rajagopalan
‘Born’ Criminals - Goldy M George

Vol. 42 No. 30, Feb 7-13, 2010
A Convenient Solution
Comment: Philosophy of Poverty
Note: Farm Debt -Devinder Sharma writes
Is Democracy Melting? -Arundhati Roy
Goodbye Copenhagen -Farooque Chowdhury
The Decline of Dollar - Robert Fisk

Vol. 42 No. 31, Feb 14-20, 2010

Debt, Vulture and Fund
Comment: Wolf at the Door
Note: The ‘Clean Coal’ Myth -S B writes
Peak Oil, Peak Food -Aetius Romulous
Amartya Sen’s ‘Justice’ - Samuel Moyn
Film: New Delhi Film Festival -Abhijit Ghosh-Dastidar

Vol. 42 No. 32, Feb 21-27, 2010
The Melting Goes On
Comment: Coupling or Decoupling?
Note: Of Climate and Children -L B writes
Beyond Maoist? -Saroj Giri
It’s a Slaughter House - Sajid Kamaal
Theatre: Baghdad Burning - Anjan Ghosh

Vol. 42 No. 33, Feb 28- Mar 6, 2010
‘War or Peace?’
Comment: Beyond Bt Brinjal
Note: People’s Tribunal on Sri Lanka -A Correspondent writes
The Lesson Of Haiti - Fidel Castro
Chattisgarh: ‘NO’ to Peace Initiative

Vol.42 No.34, Mar 7-13, 2010
Budget 2010-11
Comment:Change Won’t Come Easy
Note:Life is ‘Dot’ -C W writes
'Atom for War' -Suvrat Raju
Blue Covenant - M R Rajagopalan
Living with Injustice - Zakia Soman
A Vicious Attack on People - Sailendra Nath Ghosh

Vol.42 No.35, Mar 14-20, 2010
Road to Peace
Comment:Guns over Basic Needs
Note:More on the Judgement -A Correspondent writes
REVIEW-2: Negation & Affirmation - Anirban Biswas
Of State Terror and Civil Society - Dipanjan Rai Chaudhuri
No Selection, No Election - K G Kannabiran

Vol.42 No.36, Mar 21-27, 2010


Toward Fairness
Comment: Closer to Execution?
Note:From The Himalayas to the Bay -A Correspondent writes
We Are All Tribals -Ranjit Sau
Bhagat Singh On Dalits - Ashok Yadav
A Journey Into the Dark - Arati Chokshi

Vol.42 No.37, Mar 28-Apr 3, 2010
The Killing Fields
Comment: Howard Zinn
Note:Centralizing Higher Education - Manas Joardar writes
Report: ‘Sickness’ is Good Business -Nagarik Mancha and NESPOM
‘‘The Face You Were Afraid to See" - Dipanjan Rai Chaudhuri

Vol.42 No.38, Apr 4-10, 2010
A ‘Rights’ Issue
Comment: Hungry India
Note: Employment Puzzle - Bharat Jhunjhunwala writes
Spring Thunder Anew - Bernard D'Mello
Rape Of The Hills - Prabhat Sharan
‘‘To Rebel is Justified’’ (Kanu Sanyal) - Madhusudan Pal

Vol.42 No.39, Apr 11-17, 2010
Confusing the Maoist Cause
Comment: Economics of the Unconscious
Note: Managing Drought - Siba Sankar Mohanty writes
Of Net and Neutrality - Bharat Jhunjhunwala
A Laudable Endeavour -Jolly Das
Defending the Indefensible - By A Correspondent
War on Rights -30 Years Later - Jyoti Punwani

Vol.42 No.40, Apr 18-24, 2010
Continuing Conflict
Comment: India Made Foreign Degrees
Note: Reforming Muslim Personal Law - Yoginder Sikand writes
Karnataka: Closing Schools - Anil Sadgopal

Vol. 42 No. 41, Apr 25 - May1, 2010
History Is Not Moving
Comment:Permanent Settlement
Note:Beheading Islam in Peshwar - Shah Alam Khan writes
State vs People - Dipanjan Rai Chaudhuri
Marshal Speaks Out
The Truth in Batala

Vol. 42 No. 42, May 2-8, 2010
Kalinganagar Calling
Comment: 'Operation Mineral Hunt'
Note: Grave Danger Ahead - Sukla Sen writes
Attacking Liberal Ideas - Irfan Engineer
Soil is the Soul - Sisir K Majumdar
Kanu Sanyal–the Voice of Indian Revolution - Subrata Basu
Bonded Still

Vol. 42 No. 43, May 9-15, 2010
No Radical Rupture
Comment:Motor Menace
Note: Denying Right to Rights Activist - A Correspondent writes
Recalling 'Guha Neogi' -Violence & Non-Violence - Tapan Bandyopadhyay
Rabindranath, Fascism and Four 20th Century Poets - Sisir K Majumdar

Vol. 42 No. 44, May 16-22, 2010
A ‘Strategic’ Anniversary
Comment: No Water
Note: April Opera - Madhusudan Pal writes
Review: ‘Regaining Paradise’ - M R Rajagopalan
Continuing Bondage: India on Auction - Pushpa M Bhargava

Vol. 42 No. 45, May 23-29, 2010
Adopting Antagonistic Posture
Comment: PL480 Returns?
Note: Of Economy and Naxalism - Bharat Jhunjhunwala writes
Climate Crisis and an Isle Lost - Farooque Chowdhury

Vol.42 No.46, May 30-Jun 5, 2010
Copenhagen, Cochabamba, Cancun
Comment: Chile Shows the Way
Note: Who Rules India? - Devinder Sharma writes
Profiting from Poor - Kavaljit Singh
How to Combat Climate Change - Subrata Sinha
Book Review: ‘Atoms for Terror’ -Sankar Roy

Vol. 42 No. 47, Jun 6-12, 2010
Protecting Journalists
Comment :Strategy of Tax Exemptio
Note: From Greece to China - N L writes
ULFA vs Government: The Peace Process - Hiren Gohain
Maoist Action in Dantewada -Sumanta Banerjee
Book: Carvaka Philosophy -A New Look - Subhendu Sarkar


Vol. 42 No. 48, Jun 13-19, 2010
An Acronym Still
Comment: Identity Business
Note: Murder, Lies, Cover-up- Larry Everest writes
Denizens of the Other India - D Bandyopadhyay
Unending Aila Woes - Somnath Mukherji/td>
Back from Gurgaon - GWN

Vol. 42 No. 49, Jun 20-26, 2010
Democracy As Reason
Comment: The Bhopal Judgement
Note: Certificate of Good Standing- Shah Alam Khan writes
News -AGD
Untruth Serum - P Chandra Sekharan
Report on Posco Villages - Partho Sarathi Ray
Film: Real Reel - Abhijit Ghosh-Dastidar
A Tribute: Anjan Ghosh - AB

Vol.42 No.50, Jun 27-Jul 3, 2010
‘Beyond Petroleum’
Comment: ‘The Business of Hunger’<
Note: AI Report 2010 - Nirmalya Biswas writes
They Are Indians Too - Himanshu Kumar
Report: ‘Beyond the Peak’ - By a Correspondent
Greek Tragedy Living Beyond Means - Shiv Sethi
Targeting Human Rights Groups - Raman Kirpal

Vol. 42 No. 51, Jul 4-10, 2010
One Year Later
Comment: Living with Religious Terrorism
Note:Who is Responsible? - Asghar Ali Engineer writes
Continuing Conflict: Permanent Spring - Dilip Simeon
Kafkasque Terror: They are not Maoists - Amit Sengupta

Vol. 42 No. 52, Jul 11-17, 2010


Seeking Paths to Salvation
Comment: India, China, Japan
Note:Barefoot Doctors - O C writes
Truth Detecting Barbarism: Third Degree Torture - Arun Ferreira
Internal Colonialism: Of Growth and Sustainable Development - Dipankar Dey
Bhopal Tragedy: It’s a Street Crime! - Kabir Arora
Statement: Decayed Justice
Hari P Sharma [1934-2010] 'Celebrating Life in Struggle...' -SM