A 3-Year-Old Purported Joke

[A purported joke, circulated across the web on the eve of last Parliamentary election (April-May, 2009) in West Bengal, in the name of one Anonymous Haldar (anonymoushaldar@yahoo.com), has come to our notice. Looking at the reality of political scenario as being observed for last one year (e.g. release of political prisoners, Nona Danga eviction, cartoon episode etc. OR redundant to recall so recent instances) in WB, may give one a feeling that as time passes, this 3-year-old attempted joke, is, to the woe of all (whether to the surprise of all is a moot question), perhaps veering around reality more and more and that too perhaps too soon.]

April, 2009.

Possibility of the result of forthcoming (April-May, 2009) Parliamentary election in West Bengal being reflected in next Assembly election is very bright! The appeal below is being placed with keeping that in mind :

In case the present opposition political combine comes to power, just from a few months after initial euphoria, there seem to be hardly any possibility of any improvement in any fundamental sense, as compared to the current period, in the fields like, e.g., education, health, poverty, corruption, unemployment, resorting to untruth, forced 'protection money' collection, local toughs, patronizing big contractors/promoters, ruling party violence and domination, police barbarism.

There is no scope to choose from among the 'Good'. The given choice is for lesser evil/danger at this moment. When it is seen that bringing in one or the other power-greedy combine cannot be helped, then, to keep on changing occupants in seats of power again and again, instead of allowing a single combine to run the roost without respite, is THE sensible course of action. If 'they' this time then the 'those others' next time! If no opportunity is given to stick permanently to the seat of power, then absence of continuity of any single regime is likely to lessen the virulence of evil-doing to some extent. And this is applicable to ongoing regime in every state, cutting across political/'ideological' divide.

The combine in current opposition in West Bengal, to bring pelf and power under their tight grip, would, if they could, do the same as is being done for last 32 years by the 'lefts'. But, in place of highly organization-centric activities from the very birth of the 'lefts', the doings of the opposition combine is leader(s)-centric—again from the very birth—giving rise to infighting at a scale, much higher than what is found among the 'left'. As a result, latter, even if they wish, is less likely to be able to make good as much as the former could.

Without hoping for any improvement and just to prevent further deterioration at this moment and to temporarily break the current claustrophobic atmosphere all around,



Vol. 45, No. 5, Aug 12-18, 2012