The Axis Of Evil

Black Ops, False Flags and Rehearsals for Coup d’Etats


It is a tough call these days. There are Salafist Imams in Syria issuing fatwas to have non-Sunni women raped and used as war booty. They want Muslims to rape Muslims—because they are not the right type of Muslims. Nothing could make Islamophobes more cheerful. The most active group in the Free Syrian Alliance has declared its absolute allegiance to Al-Qaeda—no holds barred, fundamentalist Jihadism is in the house. The United States and its Allies are very supportive of this alliance while claiming they are wary about lethal weapons getting into the wrong hands. Is history fading ingloriously or waiting to be repeated as a mockery, charade or travesty? Are we seized by political amnesia about the Reagan era of vicious assaults against popular movements and governments using covert assassination, arms horse-trading and the Cold War logic of destroying the evil empire. Remember Iran-Contra? Remember the attack on the USS Liberty by Israel during the Six Day War? Israel, masters in black Ops and False flag incidents, from the day of its birth, wanted the US to get involved in the War directly by suggesting that it was the Egyptians who had carried out the attack. At the last minute, it was discovered that the Israelis had carried out the attack. America was about to plaster the defenses of Cairo. Meanwhile the Israelis were laughing in their bunkers in Tel Aviv. 17 million dollars paid out by Israel to the US to finally get off the hook and three score American navy men lay dead. Israel wiped out significant sections of its communications records, before apologizing for the incident. Privately Israelis take great pride in knocking out the American ship. The world forgets immediately. The classic false flag incident that remains hushed up forever. And, we shall not get into the Tonkin Gulf Incident, of course.

The US gave birth to OBL to get rid of the Soviets and then they had to dump his body in the sea, quietly and without trial. Then they made films with great timing that sanitized torture and further exacerbated Iranphobia and once again achieved the usual American media putsch by making American citizens believe in only one truth-the American wholesome truth. Choice expressions, choice alarmist phrases, doctored news items and a bevy of retired military thugs mouthing inanities about "terror, fundamentalism, WMDs and why "they" hate "us." But is memory erasure- that simple? Even the DEL button on the keyboard, asks you a second time if you really want to delete something. And even then it stays in a Trash bin, until you wipe it all out and even then it can all be recovered. But OBL's body is gone forever, perhaps. Deleted!

Is it really? Killing OBL and dumping his body has created many new Al Qaeda affiliates. The Drone attacks have created thousands of new adherents, some albeit stupidly incompetent, to fighting America's terrorism. But America does not understand such issues. Because America stares at its own belly button all day in the mirror. What a glorious piece of work! In retaliation for the 2000 people killed on September 11, the US and its allies like Israel, France, UK, Canada and others have killed over 1,500,000 people by now in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Palestine and in parts of Africa, by drones, by bunker busters, by missiles, by cluster bombs, by phosphor bombs, by assassinations and mysterious disappearances. Lessons unlearnt or willfully forgotten. And Americans keep wondering "why the people in the lesse' nations are so jealous of us." And "how can we get to the bastards without putting boots down on the ground."

So, once again, they are covertly building an alliance with the Salafists and Wahabis in Saudi who bankrolled the Afghan war and supplied the Stingers that OBL desperately wanted to get and got and later on assembled almost all the hijackers of 9-11. (The Saudi oil and gas leverage is nearly irrelevant now with the US fracking away and Canada obliging with the dirty tar sands oil. The US has actually started exporting refined gas.) Israel, in its own brigand and charlatan enforcer style, claims Assad has already used Sarin gas-even Charles Hagel has cautioned against the veracity of the news and a UN investigator has already dismissed the idea that Assad's regime used it. On the other hand there is increasing evidence that Al-Nusra (the Al Qaeda front paw in Syria) may have released it quietly in the areas adjoining Turkey. Britain and France immediately seized the opportunity to arrive at unfounded conclusions, because they are desperate to use air power over the skies of Syria. And Israel wants to knock out any chance of the lethal S-300 missile system; being installed in Syria-because those missiles cannot only knock out some elements of the Israeli Air Force but also could be trained on Tel Aviv. Although, and as usual, they have no proof that Assad's forces used it, let alone clinical proof that it has been used at all. (Nowadays, emission detectors are able to pick up all gases even from border towns or through satellites using special probes and infra-red equipment.) There are Sheikhs in Qatar openly asking for Israel to intervene in Syria, because the "Free Syrians" are a pretty sorry lot and cannot pull off the job that the "Coalition" forces had expected them to i.e blow Basher Assad out into the Persian Gulf. China and Russia have gotten savier than they were before when they got co-opted into the Libya "no Fly" maneuvers; which proved disastrous for the Libyan nation and their people. So, now there are reports that Special Forces are being dispatched to Libya to control the out of control "freedom fighters" there. And then there are scores of Kolkata Muslim Jamaat-style confederations, who are saying Islam is in danger because the youth of Bangladesh want the rapists and murderers of the collaborationist Badr Bahinis of 1971 brought to trial (If you remember, the main backer of the reactionary Jamaat and the Pakistan Army at that time was Henry Kissinger, no less-the same murderous and ponderous neo-con who carried out the CIA coup in Chile). Of course, Western mainstream media are making snide remarks about Bangladesh's judicial capabilities and casting doubts on the trial. Who is speaking for whom? Who is up to what and what is behind all these confusing events and operations? What is the real axis of evil in today's world? Why are Qataris and Saudis locked in embrace with the West and the Israelis, and pouring out their greasy billions into various shady operations in West Asia-from Gaza to Syria and Lebanon, Libya and Turkey? Why are Muslims so horrendously divided and killing each other in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria and elsewhere? Who divided them so viciously and for what goals?

The War within
It brings us to the core of the rotting apple itself. The United States of America. A freedom-touting, flag waiving, democracy-expounding nation that is at war with itself, as well. Despite the Islamophobia, there are elements in the US who want to chummy up with and play the Sunni card against Islam, carefully egg it on and isolate the Shias and all the other non-Sunni groups. Neocons, anti-federalists, the gun lobby and Sunni madmen have one thing in common. They hate social progress, they hate women speaking their minds, they hate Muslims and Muslim states who can operate and chose their friends independent of economic and geo-political blackmail. America bristles when Iran and Venezuela chummy up. America, the Saudis and Israel go into fits when Russia and China veto their UN motions against Syria.

Whoever wins in the United States will determine how the new Axis of evil will succeed in its program, for 24 hours, after the Boston Marathon bombings, there were news items released that said that people with "foreign accents" were being suspected. Then there was a Saudi student who was under heavy guard at the hospital. He was under some sort of surveillance. A few hours later, a Saudi envoy is reported in conversation with Obama and the student is whisked out and deported! Muslims in America are shivering in their pants and skirts. Let it not be a Muslim. Let's have some crazed white guy, like McVeigh do it." Now there are two Chechen Muslim brothers (some Americans are so well conversant with world affairs that they asked that all relations be cut off with the Czech Republic!)—with absolutely no record as crazed fundamentalists, being put up as the Boston Bombers. What is the real story? Who is aligning with whom? Who is using whom and for what purposes? What is the real nexus? An FBI affidavit that connects the brothers to the bombing, and who already had their mother on a watch list, reconstructs everything through the videos and photos that are already in the public domain. They have no other investigated facts, except what is already public? So what did they find out? And what did they know which they are not letting out? There are reports now that Dzhokar has already confessed to everything with a tube down his throat.

In the Boston bombing, it now turns out, as it often does during Black Ops, a Bombing Rehearsal was concurrently on, during the race and private military contractors from the CRAFT outfit of Chris Kyle (the world famous sniper braggart who claimed to have killed an enormous number of Arabs in Iraq with his sniping capabilities) were seen with their typical baseball hats, their desert khakis and black backpacks. The pictures are in the public domain. They even carried radiation detectors!

My question is "Did anyone see the Chechen brothers put the bomb down which then exploded? With all the videos that are now being control released, one by one, is there not one single video or camera shot available that nails them down?"

No! No such thing. Just like the other sting operations that have happened frequently in New York and elsewhere, gullible and foolish Sunni Muslim kids were cajoled into stupid acts of buying fake fertilizer bombs, the fever pitch of the xenophobia has to be kept up with intermittent bizarre acts of wannabee terrorists getting nabbed, cornered and prosecuted. It seems in this case the Chechen brothers (relatively sharp cats and not fringe elements) may have led the FBI along (there has been contact for over 5 years) and perhaps even turned the tables on a deal. Maybe this was a rehearsal that went off script! The concurrent counter terrorism drill has already been officially confirmed.. It is curious that during the London bombing, as well and even during the 9-11 catastrophe, anti-terrorist drills were concurrent.

The US and its Schizoid Soul
The US needs temporary workers to do its gardens, its sidewalks, its pavements, repair its roads and pick fruit in its orchards and vineyards. Temporary workers who incur the wrath of jobless manufacturing sector workers and middle class households who are living in storm water sewers in Las Vegas and in tent cities along the Hudson. So xenophobia and racist disdain is at its peak, especially in the South and the West. Obama, the best Uncle Tom that people of color ever marinated and served up, loves to present himself as a domestic social liberal, do-gooder, up against the Tea Party neo-con mindset that has gripped the US in a stranglehold. On health, on drugs, on immigration, on taxes, on gun control, on same sex marriage-it's the Republicans who hold him back always. That is his only game plan and posture in town. Externally? He has broken all the promises he made during the run up to his first tenure. Guantanamo is flourishing—tazers, gas grenades, force feeding, torture—all in full and vehement use. There is hardly any civil liberties lawyer left in the US who has not expressed absolute disgust with what is happening in Guantanamo. The most flagrant back-pedaling, if ever, of all his promises. He has deployed the same military maneuvering in the Pacific Rim, far in excess of the Reagan and Bush times, the same surround Russia and Iran maneuvers around the Caucuses and he has deployed assassins in various parts of the world and his target listing, including American citizens, is now well known. The hit rate of his fabled Drone technology is now 90:10. Ninety against civilians, children and women and ten against suspected terrorists. In every step of the way, Obama and his minions are coming up with innovative means to explain their "quest for world democracy." In Pakistan itself, out of some 3000 people killed by drone strikes ONLY ONE has been confirmed to be a high level terrorist operative. What if-? As a Facebook activist (Micah Daigle) in the US recently did-he concocted a false story mimicking the reporting of the capturing of Dzhokar Tsarnaev by stating the following—
"At 7:15 pm, the low buzz of a drone was heard overheard. Seconds later, an enormous explosion engulfed the area, destroying the boat and several nearby homes. Sources say 46 Watertown residents were killed in the missile strike, including twelve children." That is exactly what is happening on a regular basis in Pakistan.

Of course that did not catch on in the United States. But it rang a bell in Pakistan and it went viral.

Meanwhile there are interests, within Obama's own administration, who continue to follow independent agendas cooked up in castles in Europe, in the Club of Rome or reclusive hideaways in the Caymans or in the DC Beltway itself-where the New World Order is still very much de rigeur. There are folks, close to Obama's inner circle, who are independently deploying private military contractors, carrying out false flag ops (remember the big outcry about the Iranians trying to kill a Saudi envoy in the US. The whole FBI-cooked up story died within a few days. Israel was at its loudmouthed hysteric best, pointing at the Iranians. No one talks about it anymore-because it was a completely concocted and planted story that faltered at the first challenge. Remember the Ex-CIA agent who killed a bunch of people in Pakistan and tried to flee and got busted? Well, Obama declared that he had diplomatic immunity and of course the lapdog Pakistani administration coughed him up for a few rupees). But all these stories are not simple endings by themselves. The complex web around them, these days are more confounding than one can possibly imagine. Mossad hobnobs with Saudi intelligence and Netanyahu apologizes to Erdogan, independent military contractors are called in to do dirty ops during terror incident rehearsals, agents flip several times and then disappear or hang themselves in prison, former Iranian mujahedeen learn how to make magnet bombs and are in the pay of the Mossad even though they are still tagged as a terrorist outfit by US National Security agencies.

Does Barack Hussein Obama run the United States of America? Or does the USA run Obama? Obama knows he does not run the country. He knows it only too well. Ever since the American constitution was ratified, there are two ideologies running in parallel. America runs on two states of minds. No, it has nothing to do with the Dems and the Republicans. It has to do with the compromise embedded in the US constitution. Those who wanted Abolition and those who reluctantly accepted it. The latter still believe in a country where nomads and settlers must travel the land, drive a stake into the ground, occupy and claim it and defend their property and family with guns. The other side is a bit unsure about such a national ethos but still go along with it, part ways. So, the side that still wants government out of their lives, the ones that lost the "civil war", the ones that constantly clamor against regulation are working independently of Mr Obama. They are in his administration and outside it. Obama flies around in a plane called Air Force One. It has missiles in it and a fighter squadron up in the air escorting it. When he flies, there is a no fly corridor around him. But down from that level, down past the National Security outfits, Homeland Security, the FBI, the CIA, the Terrorist watch lists, the State level Armed outfits, the ATFs and the SWAT teams, down to the boroughs, he has NO CONTROL. There is a shadow apparatus constantly rehearsing during major events and seizing every opportunity to carry out rehearsals. Boston was in a complete undeclared martial law status for 24 hours while they searched for the 19-year-old Chechen terrorist. Photos have now emerged of the Military in armored carriers, ploughing through neighborhoods, nobody could leave their houses, while the military went house to house barking out orders, asking house after house and their inmates to come out with their arms raised. It was filmed extensively and is now available on the net. It was an unprecedented lock down rehearsal, as had happened in coup d'etats in the past, as in Greece, Chile and elsewhere.

The Salafi-Zionist-Neocon axis is in full bloom internationally and America's shadow neocon new world order is in dress rehearsals domestically. And Israel sits on its haunches, cooking up incidents- sometimes quite bizarre, to muscle-in its segregationist rule in West Asia, through black ops, false flag incidents and assassinations.

Frontier, Autumn Number
Vol. 46, No. 13-16, Oct 6 - Nov 2, 2013

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