Ganti Prasadam
Ganti Prasadam, an executive body member of ‘‘Amarula Bandhu Mitrul Committee’’ (an organisation formed with the families and friends of the martyrs who were extra-judicially killed by the state sponsored death squad), vice-president of the rescently banned RDF (Revolutionary Democratic Front), and also a member of the RWA (Revolutionary Writers’ Association) fell to the stabbibgs and bullets of the state’s secret killing machine doing the dirty business since the days of NTR regime. They are known as Cobras, Tigers and this time as Chhattishgarh Leopards. And their mission is to secretly assassinate social activists opposing the vested interests.

Till now they have eliminated in such killings nearly ten to twelve persons working for the cause of the people. The highlight of these attacks was an attack on Gaddar—a revolutionary ballard some years back in his own house, felled by six bullets and was saved by the presence of late Kannabhiran and the then an IAS officer S R Sankaran. Gaddar is still carrying in him one bullet out of six pumped in his body.

With the death of Prasadam ended his 40-year-old revolutioanry carrier. At first he started his activities as trade unionist influenced by the then naxalbari politics as well as great Srikakulam peasant revolt in the sixties, under the influence of D V Rao and Nagireddi. He organised first trade union in Bobbili, now under Vijianagaram district in Jute Mills, Sugar Mills. In fact Bobbili was his birth place and coincidentally his mother was related to Adibhatla Kailasam, a state committee member working along with Vempatapu Satyanarayana, both became martyrs in 1970, after the first congress in 1970 of CPI(ML) under Charu Majumdar. They both attended the congress at Calcutta (Kolkata) along with Panchadi Krishna Murthy, a revolutionary par excellence.

Prasad was attacked with knives and bullets on 4th July, 2013 in broad day light in front of a hospital at Nelluru, where he had gone to visit a relative of a martyr, critically ill, and died on 5th July, 2013.

Entire Bobbili, his birth place and his work place, observed bandh on the day of cremation and people from all walks of life gathered to pay homage to the martyr.

S Mohan Rao,

Vol. 46, No. 19, Nov 17 - 23, 2013

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