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The Four Year Undergraduate Programme (FYUP) introduced from this academic session in Delhi University, is entirely an anti-student programme. By introducing this programme in haste and in a haphazard manner, the Minister of Human Resource Development and the Vice Chancellor of Delhi University have damaged the interest of students, particularly those who come from a socially and economically backward background. The programme will adversely affect the studies of the differently-abled students.Girl students in India face several hurdles in their way to higher education. Their plight, particularly of those who come from rural and semi-urban background, will be manifold. Students aspiring for an honours degree will be forced to spend one extra year with extra economic burden on their parents.

The truth about FYUP is that it is against the present national pattern and policy (10+2+3) and it has been introduced undemocratically without proper consultation and preparation. This truth is now very much clear to the MHRD, UGC and the DU authorities. Eminent educationists and scholars all over India have opposed FYUP making a serious critique of every aspect of the programme. Some of them have written letters to the President and the PM seeking their urgent intervention. Several MPs have also registered their protest.

It is unfortunate that the Minister and the VC are offering false dreams to the students about FYUP in total disregard of the responsibility bestowed upon them. Some teacher activists are supporting the minister and VC. The highest students forum, DUSU, which fights for the interests of the students, is silent on this most debatable issue. The President, who is the Visitor of DU, and the PM have closed their eyes to this anti-student and anti-higher education programme.

Why it is so? In fact, FYUP is a part of the larger neo-liberal designs under which prestigious Indian universities would be destroyed to pave way for the foreign universities to turn education into a business venture. No such example is found anywhere in the world.

Vol. 46, No. 2, Jul 21- 27, 2013

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