A Survival Issue

Toward Green Growth

C K Vishwanath

Life is full of risks and gambling. But the casino life has added new risks. The climate casino (Wiliam Nordhaus) has revealed its risk games. The risk management demands an ethical life related to the climate change. Global warming is not an issue of gambling, but an issue of survival of the planet. The sustainable green planet, sustainable green countries and problems related to the global warming need a global consensus-based ethical and sustainable life for survival.

Man is small, and therefore small is beautiful—Schumacher. But, in reality, the small men and their aspirations being represented through politics as political animals seem to be in the clashes of interests related to their plural interests,concepts,desires.The abstract man in populist avatar as the homo economicus doesn't give any sense in which the homo corporativus is just an illusion too.

The economic realities of over valuation syndrome for fossil fuels that give more setbacks to the future economy of fossil fuels(by Lord Stern).AII these questions are basic survival issues now. In the meantime, carbon dioxide (400 parts per million) passed the milestone level. Life as a project of risk taking has developed into an endless crisis. The climate warming emissions and the "economy of bubbles". What does it mean to the humanity?

Sustainability along with the foreign direct investment in developed and developing nation states is more in conflicts. In another sense it is "clashes of interests". Global sustainability and favorable investment climate with the naked productivism in the development models that sabotage the sustainability. The "environmental kuznets curve" explains that GDP growth helps to improve green economic realities later.Growth first,later environment,this is basically questioning the concept of sustainability itself.

Who represents the green economics? The battle is going on in between indigenous people and globalized green economy being represented in the name of clean air credits, carbon trade etc. The local and global conflicts in green economics what it asks questions on land rights,life style,localized economy etc.

How to handle the present development project? The GDP growth or decline in simple terms doesn't give any positive impact on per capita carbon emissions. The alternative growth infrastructure how? and the new economic realities have compelled the new generation to change their life style—"Kuruma banare"—(walk way from roads or demotorization from Japan). This fact may repeat itself in many parts of the world. Of course, this is challenging the motorized life status of last century.

The crisis of economic bubbles, the financial crisis needs to be related with ecosystem.The noted green economist, Robert Constanza has pointed out that the world's finance economy is just a subset of the natural resources and ecosystem services.The discussion on the reasons of financial bubbles has been neglecting the core issue.The economic bubbles and the GDP realities should not be silenced upon the ecosystem services.

Vol. 46, No. 34, Mar 2 - 8, 2014