Maoist Actions In Kerala
During the past one month militant political actions, self-declared as Maoist in orientation, occurred in the districts of Palakkacl arid Wayanad, both Western Ghats areas. Going according to mass media reports, these actions are bound to create discussions at broader levels. The attacks were against a forest range office, and two outlets of multinational food chains. Before these there was a reported incident of firing between security personnel and youth presumed to be Maoist guerillas in which no one was injured and no one was arrested. Even before this there was an incident of destruction of earth movers involved in the destruction of Western Ghats. Thus one can see that the Maoists are addressing anti-state grievances, anti-imperialist sentiments, and, arrogating the role of "protectors" of ecology and environment.

Kerala is a region with its own specificities in sync with entrenched social and economic conditions. The place is also undergoing ferment, which need not be obvious through exhibits. The situation is such that even serious women's issues and what is called moral policing tends to get submerged in vicariousness and lack of responsibility. In this background Maoists have the serious responsibility to publicize their political program in the Kerala context. This is so because taking into account the track record of immense ideological and programmatic confusions right from the time of Naxalbari any genuinely radical program needs discussion and Kerala definitely has organically fashioned intellectuals. It may be a tall order to demand openness from a party that functions bureaucratically, but Kerala's case can be a test case.
T G Jacob, Nilgiri

Vol. 47, No. 27, Jan 11 - 17, 2015