‘Charlie Hebdo’

With the assault on the sati-rical weekly Charlie Hebdo headquarters on January 7, in a quiet Paris neighbourbood the question of ‘war on terror’ returns, this time with a difference. French President Francois Hollande lost no time to rush to the scene of what he called ‘an act of exceptional barbarism’ and ‘ubdoubtedly a terrorist’ act. US President Barack Obama condemned the attack, while British Prime Minister David Cameron called it ‘sickening’. German Chancellor Angela Merkel said the attack was ‘despicable’ and Russian President Vladimir Putin as well as the Arab League denounced the violence. Anyway 12 people including the Chief Editor, four cartoonists died in the worst ‘terrorist’ attack in France in decades.

Meanwhile contradictory reports relating to the Charlie Hebdo incident are circulating around the world much to the dismay of anti-terror crusaders. Gordon Duff, an ex-CIA, a security consultant, as much part of the system as the current CIA or Mossad Chief, in a recent article published in www.medhajnews. com, has openly called Paris attack a false flag affair, organised by Mossad to wean France away from a pro-Palestine stand.

But France has not taken the bait. It was obvious in the way Hollande wanted Netanyahu to stay away from the Paris march and then, when Netanyahu forced his way in, the way Hollande and Merkel gave equal weight-age to Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian premier.

Faced with the inevitability of Palestine attaining nationhood, Netanyahu has become like a raving, mad dog. He has lost the minimum political sense—which Premier would go to France and say that Jews of the country ought to migrate to Israel at such a sensitive time!

Israel has lost the goodwill of EU; and EU has decided to assert itself before the US-Israel both on the issue of sanctions against Russia and Palestine statehood.

Gordon says in no uncertain terms that they (CIA) hire trained professionals to do their dirty business that includes among other things terroristic attack. In truth ‘their terrorists’ were fighting on behalf of French intelligence, the Mossad and the criminal banks, part of the pro-Israeli ISIS organisation. How did they get back to France? Only French intelligence services or the Mossad could have flown them to training centres in Turkey or Jordan and when they ‘‘wanted a rest’’, back to France’.

There lies a lot of untold story behind the Charlie Hebdo episode. No doubt, French find themselves overwhelmed with a large Islamic population. But France loved that Islamic population when hundreds of thousands of them died defending France in two world wars plus Indo-China. ‘Is it extremely likely that this event was staged to take advantage of these social stresses in order to destabilise France at a time when France is turning away from Israel, with many seeing it as a criminal state?’ Gordon Duff manages the world’s largest private intelligence organisation and regularly consults with governments challenged by security issues. So when he says something on ‘terror’, rather ‘global terror’, it merits serious attention from the concerned people.

In India Left parties don’t want to see reality whether it’s Palestine, Kashmir, Kobani, Peshwar or Paris. They have their own petty world where they duel over imaginary issues having little relevance to the emerging situation, both here and abroad.

Vol. 47, No. 29, Jan 25 - 31, 2015