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'Elephant Dragon Tango'

I. Mallikarjuna Sharma*

The 'Elephant Dragon Tango' was an impressive editorial (in Vol. 47, No.41, Apr 19 - 25, 2015 issue) but I would like to point out that though China and India both state their respective claims and repeat those emphatically, it is China always which came forward to settle the issue on a 'give and take' basis. Also China has often hinted that it would be ready to forgo its claims on Arunachal Pradesh and recognize the much-hated McMahon Line as the ultimate boundary in the East subject of course to any minor alterations in the experts meets of both the countries, provided India agrees to forgo its claims on the West i.e. Akasichin sector, which, in any way, is in Chinese possession and control only, it is India which has been consistently respond to positively. Chauvinism in India is greater and more dangerous in India than in China where people's opinions are not that venomous. It is high time that India come to an overall border settlement with China [including the lands under India's control and the claims connected to those lands in Jammu and Kashmir sector i.e. Ladakh sector] and strike a peace and non-aggression or friendship treaty with it, so that the economic, political and social relations of the two major countries of Asia will rapidly and greatly improve and such Asia soon will be in the lead and a role model for the entire world. There is no point in India harping on Aksaichin, where Nehru had once remarked 'even grass grows not'!

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April 28 2015