Comment on the Letter:

Two Governments

I. Mallikarjuna Sharma*

"On the letter TWO GOVERNMENTS, my opinion is that in the first place it was bad to declare the National Capital Territory as a union territory akin to a State. At least the national capital should be completely an union territory and any representative government should be there for better democratic administration and not for other ulterior purposes. Needless to say the Union Government should have complete say, apart from the administrative autonomy granted to the representative government there by law, in the National Capital Territory, wherever be it located in India. I also feel Delhi is ill-suited to be the national capital and so it should be shifted southward and toward the centre of India. But of course there is no need to say that it should not be a Tuglaqian venture of shifting the entire population of the erstwhile capital also. I also demand that English be declared as a national language and also as the official language of India, without detriment to the present status of other national languages like Hindi, Bengali, Punjabi, Telugu, Tamil etc. as co-official languages in their respective populated territories.

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May 26 2015