Israel’s Genocidal War

Feroze Mithiborwala

The Israelis continue to bomb Gaza, even as the Palestinian Resistance led by Hamas carries on valiantly. Israel has amassed Tanks & 40,000 soldiers have been called up & the Israel Offence Force (IOF) is on the verge of invading Gaza. The Israelis have been attacking Gaza on an annual basis since the second Obama term & call it the policy of "Mowing the Lawn". Which basically means that they keep on attacking the resistance & the civilian population to try & ensure that it weakens Gaza.

But that is surely not the case, as after each subsequent aggression on Gaza, the resistance has gained far more strength & popular support. On the other hand Israel is even more isolated internationally for its war-mongering, though protected by the US & a few Western allies, as well as the complicity of certain regional lackeys.

Israel would like to portray the current crisis as a result of the ongoing protests over the death of the three Israeli youngsters, as well as the Palestinian youth who was murdered in retaliation. Here again the global media barely mention the fact that more then 1500 Palestinian youth have lost their lives to Israeli forces & crazed Settlers.

But clearly, Israel has undertaken this provocative action to torpedo the formation of a Government of National Consensus & Unity, whereby Fatah & Hamas have arrived at a political understanding, thus consolidating the resistance & a unified national strategy of negotiating with Israel. Israel continues to use the hollow & baseless narrative of "No Partner for Peace" & thus a unified Palestinian resistance poses a political threat to the narrative that Israel tries to peddle to the West. This is what the Israeli strategy is basically aimed at. Also the Obama-Kerry peace talks were an utter sham, even as the Zionist Settlements in Jerusalem & the West Bank expanded by over 120%!

The Gazan Resistance has developed the capacity to fire rockets right into Jerusalem & Tel Aviv and are doing so in response to continued Israeli aerial bombing on the civilian areas, over the course of a decade. This is even as the Arab & Muslim nations are involved in a fratricidal war across the region, which too has emboldened the Israelis. This is the time for the Arab nations to unite & focus their collective energies & resources on the Israeli occupation which is all set to invade Gaza. This is the time for political solutions in Syria & Iraq, as well as in similar seething national, ethnic, sectarian problems across the region.

This is the time for the "Global Palestine Solidarity Movement" to take to the streets across the world to stand in solidarity with the courageous resistance.

Vol. 47, No. 6, Aug 17 - 23, 2014