Insult to Bhagat Singh
How many people know Mangal Sen? Is he bigger than Shaheed Bhagat Singh? Harynna Govt. led by RSS diehard ML Khattar (A Punjabi himself) thinks so. He rescinds Haryana state assembly's unanimous resolution to name Chandigarh airport in the name of Bhagat Singh and instead insists on naming it on Mangal Sen—a one-time diehard RSS prachark of Haryana! This is love of RSS/BJP for Bhagat Singh and other revolutionaries, whose name they use day and night to hit at their political adversaries! But now cat is out of bag, their love for Bhagat Singh stands exposed and they heap insults on Bhagat Singh and all revolutionaries of freedom struggle. Only time will tell. Mainstream media has probably deliberately suppressed the sensational decision of Haryana govt, without taking even state assembly into confidence which passed unanimous resolution in this regard. Senior Punjabi journalist Baljit Balli has exposed Haryana Govt and Modi Govt, insult to supreme martyr of the nation in his web media Punjab MP Ravneet Bittu got this reply of central govt. in Parliament, yet Congress will disturb the Parliament on petty issues, but will not focus on this national insult not only to Bhagat Singh but the whole of freedom struggle.
Chaman Lal, New Delhi

Picking up Slippers
Aged Congress leader and former Union Minister Narayanswami while justifying his picking up slippers of party's young Vice-President Rahul Gandhji has said that he did so because his culture required it to be done for a guest! Did he do so for other 'guests' also accompanying Rahul Gandhi?

It is a shameful political culture in India that political heavyweights like that people even much much older in age to them may touch their feet. Monarchy rulers of former Indian states and even their scions who are in politics ensure that they may be called 'His Highness' or 'Maharaja' after seven long decades of India having adopted democracy with their privy-purses subsequently abolished. Even roads named after former such rulers of Gwalior Vijayaraje Scindia (BJP) and Madhavrao Scindia (Congress) have monarchy prefixes 'Rajmata' and 'Shrimant' respectively in naming of roads against all rules and norms, proving that both ruling and main opposition parties support such undemocratic culture. Parliament should adopt resolution against all such evils.
Madhu Agrawal, Delhi

Costly Justice
Strongest criticism by way of write-ups, taunts, cartoons and otherwise on social media on 'ceremonious' acquittal of celebrity film-star Salman Khan affording battery of some costliest lawyers to defend him in infamous hit-and-run case by Mumbai High Court after thirteen long years of the incident has proved beyond doubt that 'intolerance' does exist in Indian masses who are yet unable to digest bitter reality of the system that for all practical purposes rich and celebrity are blessed with luxurious legal remedies in courts and at stage of prosecution including supersonic grant of bail, while the poor are sent on earth by great god to bear all types of sufferings in the system! Of course, Indian judiciary is not less than god to which everyone has to bow his/her head commenting that "we have full faith in judiciary".

It reminds of merciless 'murder' of insane poor Ravji Ramchandra by system when he was most supersonically hanged for murdering his wife and children in less than three years of incident crossing all stages of trial-court, High Court and Supreme Court with even the then President Dr Shankerdayal Sharma rejecting his mercy-petition in record shortest period of just six days only because the poor fellow could not afford lawyers to delay trial. Everyone endorsing rejection of his mercy-petition did not realize that facts narrated in his petition did not match factual ones because the poor fellow's petition was re-written by simply replacing name of a petitioner in another mercy-petition!
Subhash Chandra Agrawal, Delhi

Vol. 48, No. 29, Jan 24 - 30, 2016