Cause & Effect
Several months ago I sent e-mail to one B S Bassi of the Delhi Police pointing out that complexions should not be described as "shallow" in public notices. My message was sent on to an underling, and the word "sallow" soon began to appear in notices issued by the police. The said Shri Bassi has not, until today, thanked me for a public service which has ended the agony of thousands of newspaper readers. But I am accustomed to filthy ingrates and wrote to him to say that "Built: Thin" was wrong and "Build" should be used instead. Two days ago I saw that this is beginning to have an effect. It remains for me to tell the aforementioned ingrate that "wearing blue chappal in feet" is wrong on two counts.
Mukul Dube,

Vol. 48, No. 31, Feb 7 - 13, 2016