Educational Scenario

Gautam Kumar Das

Of late the teaching community reached very crucial points for its inability to impart quality teaching and also for acquiring the vice of evasion of duties. Further reasons thereto may be found in the appointment of substandard and comparatively aged teachers. Now the face-book, whatsapp in the costly i-phone and mobile, credit cards, ATM cards, private cars, Miss Universe, models etc are the hot agenda for discussions at the teachers' room but it never centres on the tidbits of classroom teaching, improvement of results as well as academic performance of the students of the school. It is considered nothing short of carrying out an odd job when very few of them have to take provisional classes in absence of their colleagues and the act of humming spreads out on all sides and in all directions. They remain absent from the observance of Republic Day, Independence Day, birth anniversary of Rabindranath and that of Netaji as there is no extra charm therein. 'Students know nothing'—the one and only cry echoed frequently by the teachers all around, their students when go to their educators for solution of their hurdles they are hardly heard to their relief. The students find teachers engaged in flippant witticism in the staffroom. In this way the students are inclined to their vices from their backbone-makers. Only groupism exists for rubbing against each other. Groups in the teachers are formed on several parameters basing on ill manners, evasion of duties and/or abuse of power. When a group is formed with a superior number of senior members, it at once turns vigorous. The senior and experienced teachers very often pollute the new comers in the teaching profession. All these are detrimental to the teaching community and to the society as well. It obviously needs continuous pulverisation and purification to remove the seasoned practice of deception from the green house of teaching.

Pattern of teaching is like a streamlet. It must be cultivated with uniform love and affection in the tender-aged, the generation to come up. The river may carry filthy waste materials, domestic sewage, even sometimes the deceased body, still the river remains the purifier by some processes of bio-geo-chemical cycles provided the concentration of pollutants never cross the permissible limit in her water body. In river, plenty of sunlight and abundant oxygen work as purifiers. So also in the society, teachers perform the said job. The teachers should preferably be the teachers before they project themselves as saviours.

Vol. 48, No. 33, Feb 21 - 27, 2016