‘‘Selling utopia’’
This has reference to the editorial "Selling Utopia" [Issue January 17-23, 2016]. There is however a loose federation of states under the South Asian Area Regional Cooperation (SAARC) but till date this umbrella is far from being a cohesive and purposeful force to bind concerned nations with only homilies and wishful thinking. Asians cannot be akin to the European Union nations for they comprise of reasonably advanced states with growth development and basic social parameters. Elusive notions of a South Asian Federation with a common currency espoused by Union Minister Ram Vilas Paswan and Ram Madhav's Akhand Bharat cannot attain fruition for these do not touch the ground reality and are basically unitarian and wishful thinking. How can a genuine confederation be achieved can be a matter of debate involving governing political elites, intellectuals and sensitive minds and experts of varied areas, whose central purpose should be creating space and conditions for all round growth and development touching all sections of societies and creation of basic human standards. The discussion must begin with study of all insurgencies and terrorist outbreaks and must veer to the view that every idea of separation has an ideological orientation. And it should be fought politically. A true federation can emerge when there is least provocation to attack one another, less reliance on military force which must be used for guarding frontiers and for this pattern of things political elites of the three countries—India, Pakistan, Bangladesh—have to sacrifice their present agenda of hostility and ill will for example Pakistan's meddling on Kashmir, Bangladesh's fight against fundamentalism and India's cessation of playing the bullying role and guiding smaller neighbours to start a new beginning. If a modicum of stability and peace can be achieved to dismantle terror and bring back the misguided younger force conditions can be set for talks and dialogue among the nations for a further transparent advance to promote trade and commerce, people to people contact activities and probably removing restrictions on travel, passport and visa restrictions. Let everyone recall that citizens of the countries share a common culture and heritage and for historical reasons they had to separate. It is nobody's case that they merge again and however laudatory this is not feasible for every nation in changing times has the inalienable right of sovereignty. The case is for a federation based on rationality and justice. Needless to mention Governments have an obligation to heed to people's aspirations and hopes and promote meaningful amity and friendship between nations and nations which would in the long run could save the sub-continent from the horrors of interference, terror and fear stalking mankind. All popular upsurges must be countered politically for any excess of violence will lead to counter violence least affordable to resource starved countries. It was the colonial game to truncate countries so that they may not rise in future. Mission should be to reunite them keeping sovereignty intact and respecting each other for the greater good. A meaningful step towards a common alliance as suggested would not be an Utopia and countries sharing reform messages in all spheres of life will give to posterity a better environment than now. And this is possible when the persons in power rely on dialogue and minimum force. If ever this situation arrives, that would be the fittest tributes to innumerable heroes and heroines including Subhas Chandra Bose all of whom gave up their precious lives so that people can be free in all respects and not put to any cruel subjection. India, Pakistan and Bangladesh have to rise and evolve to fulfil obligations given to the people.
Parthasarathy Sen, New Delhi

President’s rule in Arunachal Pradesh
Happenings leading to imposition of President's Rule in Arunachal Pradesh desire drastic change in electing and removing of Chief Minister (also Prime Minister) in tune with Supreme Court verdict 'UP government (Kalyansingh) vs Jagdambipal' where UP state-assembly once ejected Chief Minister through secret voting at floor of the House.

 System should be formulated whereby Prime Minister/Chief Ministers may be simultaneously elected with Speakers and Deputy Speakers by secret and compulsory vote on nominations signed by at least 34-percent of members of the lower House through EVMs. Members not participating in such a democratic process of electing Prime Minister/Chief Minister and others should lose voting right in the House even though retaining membership of the House. Such elected persons may only be removed by same process but with compulsion of naming alternate nominee in the same motion. Voting on any such no-confidence motion should be done on priority say within a week of submitting the; duly signed motion at we secretariat System will automatically solve multiple problems like of unstable governments, hung assemblies and political blackmailing apart from giving most acceptable leaders in the House.
Subash Chandra Agrawal, Delhi

Bajrang Dal in Uniform
On the web site of the Delhi Police appear the words SHANTI SEWA NYAYA. Each one of the three words was trampled under-foot on 30 January 2016.

Outside the RSS office in Delhi, men of tho Delhi Police attacked students, male police attacked women, men in uniform attacked press people, throwing to the ground the cameras of photographers.

In no civilised society is it the job of the police to inflict punishment. The Delhi Police can only be called brutish. A friend sees them as a Uniformed Bajrang Dal.
Mukul Dube, Delhi 

Vol. 48, No. 34, Feb 28 - Mar 5, 2016