No Need to Fear

Javed Zaheer

All those fearing the craziness and wrath of Donald Trump, his mindset team and policymakers because of the fire and venom he spitted, the hatred he created and promoted and dirtiest discrimination he showed need not fear him, his madness and craziness.
Yes, there is no need to fear and be scared because there is a definite solution for every problem whether big or small. The American people are no doubt one of the best, loving, caring, peaceful, respectable and responsible people in the world.

Because of some rotten eggs—Donald Trump, his team and supporters—all others should never be considered rotten and stinky. They are all respectful and should always be respected.

So, it is better to remain within the limit but with preparedness for protection. There is no point and sense in responding and acting in the same uncivilized and harmful manners.

The good, civilized and sensible Americans have showed great anger and have come out on the streets. Some of the protesters even became extremely violent and indulged in smashing and burning of whatever they got hold of. This happened in several states and cities of America. So Americans themselves were the first to react angrily and violently. People are sensing the great danger and harm to the people and country. They have come out in the best interests of the people and country. Even the least sensible and educated person and also most illiterates in any part of the world could easily understand it. The good Americans and the others worldwide know very well that America needs a smart leader as a president instead of any DUMB who is used as a trump card by the cunning policymakers and the think tank controlling them to harm mankind. Such policymakers and their think tank are in reality committed enemies of the mankind.

Donald Trump has pointedly targeted and threatened the Muslims. If Donald Trump turns his hate and anger against Muslims into reality then instead of being provoked and becoming violent the Muslims worldwide and the Muslim World must react peacefully and sensibly by boycotting all American products in any shape and form. This will hit where it hurts the most: Crippling of the US economy and Donald Trump would be directly responsible for such crippling. Can America and the Americans afford this? They must think seriously and stop Trump from indulging in any crazy adventures.

Instead of remaining in fear and passing sleepless, Muslims and other like-minded people must unite to face the tough challenges and dangers.

There is a lot written and said about Donald Trump. However, if Trump proves very good and sensible, he could serve humanity in reality greatly by helping end poverty and removing illiteracy from most parts of the world.

Poverty and illiteracy are undoubtedly the two most deadly weapons of the committed enemies of mankind and humanity. People must unite to help end poverty and remove illiteracy from anywhere and everywhere. This can only be achieved through proper awareness, understanding and practical actions. This is how people can defeat the cunning and corrupt lobby and end corruption.

Brechet was a Communist. On the eve of Second World War he wrote a song highlighting the inevitable collapse of the Kaisers (the capitalist bosses) and better days for the small people—the working class people. Brecht died in 1956 and socialism/communism was wound up by communists/socialists themselves in 1989. But in 1989, history did not after all come to an end, when the corporate managers and merchants of death thought they had won the cold war once and for all.

Vol. 49, No.30, Jan 29 - Feb 4, 2017