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On the editorial '50 years later'

I. Mallikarjuna Sharma

On the editorial '50 years later'. Maoists have to turn realistic and concentrate on construction instead of destruction. They should shed all preconceived models - of Russia, China or Vietnam.

It is not necessary that some great leader has to come forward or great slogan has to be taken up, etc. What is most needed is that grassroots work and dedicated organization by sincere and honest leftists. They should grow as banyan trees doing good and social service in villages and towns without aspiring for power, perks and name. Start and run an excellent school system which teaches the basics without fanatic ideas and also start and run excellent medical aid centers which reach to the poor and also one and all. Gradually things will change. Adversary politics done much harm - this is time for leftists to mainly immerse in constructive activities. Honest and serious criticism of wrong policies and measures certainly needed but in an educative and convincing language and manner and coupled with such constructive activities in all fields.

Leftists should participate and run the local self-governance mechanisms actively and honestly. That is more important than running after parliamentary and legislative elections, though these should also not be shunned but the contest should be fair, transparent and totally corruption-free. More than victory or defeat, it is the increase of voters supporting regularly that has to be counted.

Automation should not be opposed but its application should be suggested and striven to be implemented in the right manner and in the right fields. To counter unemployment due to any brusque automation by corporate crooks struggles have to be conducted but suggesting right and useful remedies.

Mutual mudslinging among leftists at least should be avoided and only mutual fair criticisms of policies and measures should be undertaken. 

Even in opposition to governments at helm, irresponsible censures and criticisms should not be made but whenever a wrong policy or measure is criticized, the leftists should also be in a position to indicate the right things to be done in its place. They have to think and act in terms of "what and how we can do better in this field if and when we come to power."

Capturing political power is only an important step and means of revolution but we should be clear that it is not the goal of revolution. Power at any cost is reprehensible. Sometimes we can refuse power even when we find we can do nothing or little taking it. Once not power intoxicated or name (fame) intoxicated, leftists will certainly earn more credibility and popularity and the people and the systems will benefit a lot.

I am just thinking aloud.

I M Sharma <>

Jun 10, 2017

Vol. 49, No.47, May 28 - Jun 3, 2017