‘He Mahamanab’
Kathopokathan, a cultural study centre, observed rebel poet Kazi Nazrul’s birth anniversary and 100 years of the great November Revolution under the banner ‘He Mahamanab’ at Bangla Akademy on May 26, 2017. Dr Niharendu Dasgupta, Ratna Sarkar and other distinguished personalities from the cultural field of Bengal graced the occasion and all of them spoke eloquently in their discourses about Tushar Mitra’s enormous contribution and tireless efforts to make Kathopokathan, the organiser of the event, a viable and living organisation. The mind boggling meeting ended by wishing success and bright future of the new generation poets and artists.
Kathopokathan, Howrah,
West Bengal

‘Belt and Road Initiative’
On the editorial ‘Belt and Road Initiatived (Frontier, May 28-June 3, 2017), it should have also delineated the positive achievements and results accruing to various countries subscribing to this project. Chinese always talk of a win-win situation, even when it is alliance and collaboration with enemy country companies and administrative authorities. As far as the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is concerned, it does not mean totally neglecting India’s claims etc but a pragmatic policy. Pakistan has not just ‘Virtual sovereignty’ but ‘actual control and physical possession’ of the regional chunks concerned and in the present conditions it cannot be got back by any use of force but only by the exceptional circumstances of a negotiated deal with Pakistan. In view of that China has been pushing the Belt project with the recognition of actual conditions on the ground without at the same time committing itself to any particular position regarding recognition of any country’s (India’s or Pakistan’s)sovereignty over it.
Mallikarjuna Sharma, Advocate,

Fight Against Human Trafficking
On 14 May 2017 the NGO Jabala organized an Adolescent Peer Group Training with the girls from different villages under Kalchini and Alipurduar-1 blocks of Alipurduar district in the Panchayat office building of Mathura Tea Estate. This Adolescent Peer Group Training belonged to the 8-month long series of programs funded by the German Consulate General Kolkata to fight against Human Trafficking.

Apart from discussing about the five basic rights that every child is entitled to enjoy–rights to have ‘independence’, ‘equal opportunities’, ‘security’, ‘health’ and ‘education’, through presentation, roll playing and other group activities 45 girls (of class VIII-XII), made the event very lively, thoroughly interactive and informative.

Through self-drawn charts some girls explained the other girls about ‘Child abuses occur within the family’, ‘Child abuse outside the home’. Some girls by ‘roll playing’ showed the typical ways in which girls get allured by the traffickers and get trafficked. They also discussed what to do and whom to contact in case of emergency or if an ‘agent’ approaches the family of a girl. Four girls who work as ‘Community Reporters’ showed others the ‘newspaper’ that they bring out; encouraged others to bring out such a community ‘newspaper’ and put that at a prominent place in their villages. Two girls made a Social mapping of the area under Kalchini Block, which is known for very high rates of girls/women trafficking, and also pointed out the areas in the chart that they consider unsafe.

The aim of the project ‘SAMPARKA’, a networking and awareness building project, is to reach over 185000 people in four districts (Alipurduar, Birbhum, Murshidabad and North 24 Parganas) and sensitize the affected population and the policy makers, including the police, about the existing problem and how to prevent human trafficking through inclusive participation. 

Jabala Action Research Organization, a Human rights organization established in 1992, has been working with marginalized children, violence survivors and youth of red light areas, slum and rural areas with an aim to empower them. Jabala works on the issues focusing Human Trafficking, HIV/AIDS, Child Marriage, Child Abuse & Migration. The work model of Jabala revolves around the four tenets of development : Identity needs, Provide materials & services, Build capacities and Empowerment.
Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany, Kolkata.

CPM-BJP Nexus?
Party members in different hierarchical position and supporters of CPI(M) badly criticize Modi Government from its very beginning of journey. They publicize almost every corner of the country that Modi Government is tendering the corporate prosperity. Working classes of the bottom of pyramid are neglected. Various schemes and programmes for this section are only eye-wash. CPI(M) uses various ptatforms (addressing public gathering, print & electronic media and so forth) to raise voices of people against Modi Government. At least this party is in due concentration for the welfare of this section.

But an advertisement in the ‘Ganashakti’, the organ of the CPI(M) on 8 June, 2017 indicates different view about Modi Government. This daily newspaper claims that is biased for working classes and it speaks for working classes. Anyway the said advertisement covered a full page to publicize about praiseworthy schemes like ‘Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana', ‘Paramparagata Krishi Bikash Yojana’ and so forth of Modi Government’s initiatives for agricultural development and prosperity of farmers in the country alongwith a smiling picture of Sri Modi. On the same day, this daily criticized the very recent incidents against the farmers of Madhya Pradesh side by side which they viewed as a leakage of gas balloon of Sri Modi. Further, it covered also the news of harassment of Sri Sitaram Yechury by the cadres of RSS.

How does this daily newspaper bear two news side by side? How did it allow this advertisement? Is it not a sinister motive of this party which uses to criticize badly the Modi Government? It reminds who criticizes most, he supports really most. It also reminds that generation of revenues of the CPI(M) decreases due to losing power in West Bengal so that it publishes advertisement only for fund. There is no issue of ethical consideration. As a consequence of this, it misguides the grassroots level supporters of the party more. And they would be directionless for this ambiguity.  This party has failed to organize the grasroots supporters. This support transfers to the BJP which people have observed in results of very recent polls at Contai and other parts. Therefore, it has come to make clear the standpoint of the leaders in higher position of this party.
Harasankar Adhikari,

Vol. 49, No.51, Jun 25 - Jul 1, 2017