A Convention
In commemoration of the platinum jubilee of the 'Quit India Movement' All India Peoples' Forum (AIPF) staged a convention on the 8th September at St John Ambulance Hall, Barasat. The convention was addressed by four speakers on 'Indian constitution democracy–peoples' power'. Dr Kanishka Chowdhury, Moinul Hasan, ex-MP, Ranjit Sur, an activist of rights organization, and Dr Patha Ghosh, state secretary, CPI(ML) Liberation addressed the audience. Macabre killing of Gauri Lankesh, the noted and valiant journalist, by the Sanghite hooligans, was denounced univocally. Rationalists like Govind Pansare, MS Kalburgi etc had earlier been the prey of these fascist goons. And now Gauri Lankesh has had to bore the burns of their ire.

Dr Kaniska Chowdhury drew attention to the constitution sanctioned fundamental rights of the Indian people and at the same time to curb it otherwise. He warned of the Hindu religo-fascists of their aggressive agenda. On the other hand Moinul Hasan spoke highly of Jawaharlal Nehru for his wisdom and socialistic traits of his nature. He found many a good trait of Indian constitution though some stains remain. No armed struggle with a view to wither away the state appeared not to have his ideological sanction. Ranjit Sur virtually efforted to debase the arguments of Sri Hasan. Armed with a series of data cards he pleaded this constitution acting as anti-people. NIA, he said, had been constructed by the central Government on its own and got the states to bow down to it and thus the constitutional powers have become the crater of anti-people measures. Dr Partha Ghosh refuted the progressive role of Jawaharlal Nehru and branded him as fabian socialist. He pleaded that this constitution failed to satisfy the Indian public to have their rights safe and guaranteed. He attacked the ruling power at centre and their parent organization the RSS and its members of branches to leave the public life and livelihood at stake. Even he named some radical feminists, journalists and social workers to have already been threatened to life by the Sanghite goons. Warned all the people of the aggressive Hindu religio-fascists following the footprints of the fascist juntas practiced in Nazi Italy and Germany, he asked them to get up all in the road in unison to thwart this demonic forces.
AC, Kolkata

Vol. 50, No.16, Oct 22 - 28, 2017