Sai Baba’s Latest Condition
After receiving the information from the advocates on the health conditions of Prof G N Saibaba and his possible shifting to Nagpur Medical College Hospital from Nagpur Central jaiI to conduct diagnostic tests, examination and treatment, I went to Nagpur on 2nd April 2018.

I reached jail on 2nd April 2018, to take permission from jail superintendent to help Prof Saibaba during the tests at the hospital as it is difficult for him to prepare for the tests by himself. After some time it was orally communicated to me that today the inmate G N Saibaba will be taken to hospital.

I waited in front of jail gate, they didn't take letter for permission. They didn't tell anything. All of a sudden, Prof Saibaba was taken into a vehicle from jail and the authorities did not allow me to meet him. With all my anxiety, I was in panic and later came to know that Prof G N Saibaba has been taken to Nagpur Medical College Hospital. It was only when G N Saibaba was going outside the prison under the heavy police protection I came to know that he is being taken to the super specialty hospital.

I went to the hospital, where I was denied meeting Prof G N Saibaba. A huge escort, including Police officials, women constables, and intelligence people was arranged in and around Prof G N Saibaba and the hospital. They even did not allow me into the Ward of Department of pulmonary medicine and critical care where Saibaba was taken. Later one of them told me that some tests are being going on. From a distant location I could only observe that a police officer was sitting and talking with the doctor continuously. I was never given the opportunity to see and meet G N Saibaba nor was allowed to meet the treating doctor. Police officials didn't allow me to talk to Saibaba even when they were taking him back to Jail in the evening. I was physically pushed back by a lady police constable. I tried my best to convey that I will visit him at the jail next day by shouting.

Next day, i.e. on 3rd April 2018, I went to the Jail in the morning and applied for Jail Mulakath and registered. They didn't inform him, that I am waiting for Mulakath. Even alter registering for Mulakath, they didn't bring him to the Mulakath place They planned to take him to hospital. Then Saibaba insisted the authorities that, he will go to hospital after meeting me through Jail Mulakath. Finally, around 12 I was able to meet him through window Mulakath. He informed that he has also no idea 'whether he will be admitted into hospital or not'. He expressed his concern over the tests. He also informed me that, he requested either to allow family members or allow him to talk to HOD of concerned Department. He gave it in writing also. The officials denied both the requests.

He told me "My health condition has further deteriorated. Having severe pain in urination and lower abdomen continuously. Even after taking the entire course of antibiotics, the pain has not reduced. Moreover, sharp pain started in Kidneys. When I was taken to the GMCH, the Urology department didn't take much care. They found mild infection in the urine test on 21st March, but pain increased to unbearable levels after that. Going to the hospital is like visiting hell for me. I am not in a position to travel like this".

I filed an affidavit through our Advocates, before the honourable bench of Nagpur High Court stating the above incidents and requesting to allow me (family members) to assist Saibaba during the tests and when admitted into the hospital.

Even after severe pain and unconsciousness falling cuts in the Jail, Prof Saibaba was not provided with any medical support and did not take him to the hospital last year. It appears to me that, after filing of the bail application before the High Court bench at Nagpur, now the police officials are to show some medical records, taking Prof. Saibaba to the hospital. I am afraid of his precarious and critical health condition.


Vol. 50, No.41, Apr 15 - 21, 2018