Intervention And Aggression

Syria after Libya

Farooque Chowdhury

America again carries on direct aggression against Syria. And, with its bloody claws, heinous superpower again asserts its age-old axiom : Everything is and will be dominated; no effort for a peaceful life will be allowed.

The US, UK and France—an imperialist alliance—have bombed multiple government targets in Syria in an early Saturday morning operation. And, with this act, they have violated sovereignty of a country. America and its allies have shown their total disregard to people's right to pursue peace. All these are criminal acts. But, the mainstream media eager to search stories of "genocide" in corners of the world will keep silent following their "democratic" tradition.

With its latest act of aggression in Syria, the American axis announces : 'I'm the truth, I'm the lord. It's I, who fabricate fact. None of my utterances are false'.

So, Theresa May, the UK Prime Minister, said : There was "no practicable alternative to the use of force".
Who has determined the "practicable alternative"? Who has made the judgment? Who has weighed alternatives—practicable and impracticable? It's imperialism. Was there authorisation of the parliament behind this act of Syria strike? No. Was its parliament consulted? No. The same was in US, the ''great democracy".

Shall the world-famous mainstream media tell this truth? Shall it raise this question? Readers know best. What shall be the position of imperialist proxies—active and going to be active—in countries? No position? No position is a position; and that's confirmation of the fact that they are imperialism's proxies.

Without any neutral, non-partisan investigation, the imperialist axis of war and destruction decided norms in international relations, sovereignty of countries, logic and rationality of aggression as they hit Syria with more than hundred missiles.

The Syrian government said the incident of alleged chemical attack was fabricated. Russia said : Strike on Damascus comes just as Syria got the chance for a peaceful future.

Tomahawk cruise missiles and Tornado jets striking Syria carries the fact in today's world: America decides moments of war and "peace".

The moments depend on its requirements: profit dominance, boost up war industry, manipulate tax payers, play with domestic politics, disseminate message of fear to the entire world. James Mattis, US secretary of defense told reporters: "1 believe it has sent a very strong message".

The message is not only for Syria, but to all trying to take stand, distant from the imperialist monster axis. Countries and peoples should take notice of the entire imperialist process. It was in case of Iraq; it was in case of Libya; it is in case of Syria. And, it will be in cases of countries targeted by imperialism.

The process is, broadly, the same: organise proxy, essentially mercenary, soldiers—unarmed and armed, hire a bunch of so-called progressives, create a clumsy situation, arrange flow of some blood, obstruct efforts for reconciliation, hinder political process in the targeted country, continue with fabricating information, provoke hostility, organise calls for armed intervention named R2P—the right to protect, and then strike. Libya has experienced this. Syria is experiencing this. There's every possibility that some other countries will experience this.

In the case of Syria strike, America and its allies arbitrarily designed their logic; and scope for investigation was quashed.

What happens in cases of other countries targeted by America for intervention? Does it accept statement provided by authorities of those countries? Everyday news bears the answer.

No doubt, today's world is different to some extent than the world of the 1990s and the following decade. Russia's statement indicates the change in reality. The statement issued through Russia's ambassador in US said: Such actions "will not be left without consequences". During their Iraq and Libya invasions, such warning was absent.

The changing reality compels Theresa May to say : The strikes are not about "regime change".

America and European Union want regime change in Syria. But, they are to pronounce the opposite. It's for public consumption, and for staying safe in the arena of international diplomacy.

On the Syria aggression, the US president said the purpose was "to establish a strong deterrent against the production, spread and use of chemical weapons".

The purpose, in real terms, is to establish a strong deterrent against moves that may hurt the murderous NATO military establishment. So, one finds Trump and May and Macron have joined together.

There's another indication: America has turned reckless. America doesn't care about the United Nations. They go to the UN whenever it is confident that the world body can be manipulated. Prior to Iraq and Libya invasions, America and Europe tried to get UN seal of approval on its design for intervention. It even tried to seek approval from a block of countries of the region. But, in this case of Syria strike, it didn't wait. Shall Trump, May and Macron be pulled to the court of justice? There's no possibility. This is the reality, and this reality is to be taken into consideration.

All the countries in the axis are den of serious economic and social problems. They are to subdue those constituencies. The so-called war on terror is taking its share from the warrior. And, the share is big enough. Steam is not out of it. However, it's over-stretched. As a way out, imperial capital needs war. So, it will create war after war.

Countries should turn cautious. There are signs, as a poet writes "warriors shall return", of imperialist intervention in countries.

[Farooque Chowdhury writes from Dhaka, and he neither operates any facebook nor any on-line social network nor any blog]

Vol. 50, No.43, Apr 29 - May 05, 2018