Delay in Justice
On the occasion of 26 years of Babri Masjid demolition Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee states in a press statement that the demolition of Masjid is a blot on the Indian parliamentary Democracy & Secularism and even on constitution of India. It is one more stigma on the Judiciary that has failed to deliver justice according to the law of the land and taking its own time for a fair hearing of the matter and on the other side hindutva organisations are free to perform such insurgent acts on land of Babri masjid which is in fact a matter of grave contempt of Hon'ble Supreme Court. It is a matter of surprise that Muslims cannot visit Babri Masjid site but hindutva organisation is allowed to go there with thousands of people and are free to visit and perform their provocative activities and it is quite unfortunate that Hon'ble Supreme Court is maintaining troubling silence on illegal acts and not taking any note of open defiance to its authority.
Lateef Mohd Khan,
General Secretary, Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee, India

Communal Fascism
The saffron forces are hysterically campaigning for construction of a Ram temple even while the matter is sub-judice in Supreme Court and will not be heard before February. So an Ordinance to build a Ram temple at the disputed site is likely to be passed. The mob will deal with the Court if it tries to interfere (An inspection in the darkness of night has already been completed). Thereafter, a frenzy is likely to be built before the 2019 elections. If required, all civil rights, including the freedom of expression, may be abrogated.

However, that will not be the end. Because the combined strength of a united, conscious, peaceful people will definitely not take it lying down and will resist the clampdown of saffron communal–corporate Fascism at each and every step. The future will only show what will actually happen.
Aurobindo Ghose,
General Secretary,
Peoples' Rights Organisation

17 Parliaments
Indian democracy is at the end of 16th Lok Sabha. It is preparing for next Lok Sabha (17th Lok Sabha). So, the vote festival (mega event of Indian democracy) would likely to be organised in the middle of 2019. Different political parties of India have already started their campaign and all of them are promising for a better people's government. They would also publish their manifestos of promise in time. Each and every political party would claim that it would be better or best for the country and countrymen (particularly voters). Voters are silent spectators of promises. Voters know what was and what would be.

The period from 2005 to 2014 was very significant in Indian democracy. The Congress(l) led UPA government was submerged with rampant corruption and general mass was annoyed for several issues like unemployment etc.

It was the main reason of rising of BJP-led NDA and formation of government under leadership of Mr Narendra Modi. Mr Modi promised to bring achhedin (better days). But it is practically mouthful promise of proximity. During his days, people see that he has cleverly changed the name of some programmes and he has also renamed some departments. During his time, India's economic growth has been sluggish. His remarkable blunder was demonetisation. Thereafter, starting of GST is the cause of pain to his countrymen. He promised to create employment at large. But it was a false promise. He is unable to create the job at minimum. His Skilling India-programme is also a blunder which has failed to create meaningful employment due to inappropriate strategies. There is a mismatch between trade of skill training and sectors of employment.

He was very much iron determined to implement AADHAR to distribute government dole to his countrymen and in absence of which there were several starvation deaths. New industries and foreign investment are not visible to the countrymen. On the other hand, farmers are deprived of. Further, price hike of daily essential goods is regular agony.
Significantly, his political party (BJP) is promoting communal disharmony. Religious conflicts and cow slaughtering got priority to the government. There is a culture of non-secularism throughout India.

Now who would from 17th Lok Sabha? Who is most eligible for formation of next government? It would also be a vote of false promises, violence and killing of voters. The situation of the country is becoming the worst day after day due to too much politics and political gain of so-called leaders. The overall environment of the country deserves for a true leader who would work selflessly for his countrymen.
Harashankar Adhikari, Kolkata

Vol. 51, No.25, Dec 23 - 29, 2018