Cervical Cancer
Cancer, a giant disease is the prime challenge to the population of developing country like India. Poor women of India are the worst victims of it, and it would become horror in future days. In a study it has been revealed that due to low literacy rate, lack of awareness, inaccessible health-care facility, and lack of trained oncologists women are in high risk of developing cervical cancer. It is a fact that the girls of poor households 'who do not consume a healthy diet, have low immunity' get married at a young age, and they have to face the problem of multiple pregnancies within 15-19 years of age. 'Sexual exposure during adolescence when the transition zone of the cervix is susceptible leads to initiation of malignancy'. It causes repeated cervical trauma and repairing of which cause dysplastic changes and HPV infection persistently. It is 'a strong risk factor for cervical cancer'. Further, this study found out that due to absence of sufficient clean water and other sanitary measures, their genital hygiene is poor and it is in an adverse situation.

Medically they are unware to examine themselves physically. In addition to this, there is lack of organised screening and treatment facilities in the country specially in rural area. Consequently, the situation leads to immature death of women of poor families. Their family and children have to face economic trouble and other aspects of peaceful living.

So, there is immediate need to rapid awareness among women of bottom of pyramid. The study suggested to introduce vaccination 'namely Cervarix (GSK) and Gardasil (MSD)'. And girls of 9-13 years of age should get priority with two doses of HPV vaccine. It has been also suggested that this HPV vaccine is effective to redule about 80% of cervical cancer. Governments (central and state) should take it as an agenda for the year 2019 to save girls and women from cervical cancer. For this, government should take polity to increase 'the availability of gynecological oncology and radio-therapy units, other infrastructures and trained personnel in the field of oncology'. Like "Swachha Bharat Mission", government should introduce "Prevention of Cervical Cancer Mission" and it should ensure clean water and sanitary measures in each and every household of the country. Government should introduce strict policy for prevention of girls' marriage at lower age.

Lastly, the people of India would expect strategic planning and policy for the above disease in manifestos of the forthcoming parliamentary election, 2019.
Harashankar Adhikari, Kolkata

Vol. 51, No.29, Jan 20 - 26, 2019