"The Nonsense about Peace"


Where is peace? Everybody wants peace and annoyed for peace. Whole world population is in search of peace. Some greats struggled and moved for peace and it is in regular and continued process. Tie world population regardless of their position and status are campaigning for the same in many ways. Everyone is telling, while no one is listening. Struggles and movements for peace have become a fascinated style of work. Till the year there are 133 peace laureates for 99 peace prizes (Nobel). From 1901, great and distinguished personalities are being facilitated with this prestigious award for their efforts for the peace of the world. But where does the world peace stand for?

Societal progress and radical progress in science make world population selfish and greedy. There is competition among individuals, families, societies, inter-country and intra-countries. Hungry people cry for a meal. Further, a rich cries for more wealth and money. He passes sleepless nights to become the richest one. He is in distress and dissatisfied in his life. At individual level, everyone is in self-love and that's why, they are not happy with their present level of standard of living. Everybody thinks his/her fellow member is comparatively in better position than him/her or he/she dreams for better than others. Everybody is mentally cruel and no one loves in real sense fellow members. The world population is not menially in peace. They are instable and in the saddest position because love and attraction for material gains never meet the peace.

Albert Einstein wrote: "A calm and modest life brings more happiness than the pursuit of success combined with constant restlessness".

The world politics and human progress are synonymous with power struggle. The world leaders are not conscious about world environment and fate of world civilisation when they are hurting the environment, and they take some non-serious programme to save the world from global warming. The leaders are busy to show their power to the world how they are rich in atomic power. One rich country and its leaders are always ready to challenge others and how it would harm they never think, even after devastation of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Again they campaign that they are doing lots to save the world.

The leaders of every country/nation of this world are thinking that they are the owners of their countries/nations. So, they would do what they like. They are not ashamed that they are elected representatives of the masses for a limited period only.

Only physically non-violence and co-operation ever make the world peaceful. Everywhere there is rampant corruption and discrimination. There are so many world organisations for human rights, women rights and for building peace. These organisations make rules, but hardly obey and follow the same. When it would go against the particular country would be violent. Hegemonic politics is the cause of terrorism. It is used to cultivate a culture of threat and dominance.

Rape is increasing, students murdered on the ground of untouchability and religion and political murders are increasing. Is candle procession enough to build peace? Social, economic, cultural, political and environmental crisis has been grieving the world. The world must die. What would be the existence of the world and its civilisation? World population has no peace and happiness in mind. So, shouting for peace will not save the world. There is need for individual peace and happiness.

Vol. 51, No.32, Feb 10 - 16, 2019