Assange and Wikileaks

Farooque Chowdhury

Arresting Assange in London is now a world-news. Audience of news media is now fully aware of the developments centering the whistleblower. Therefore, no description of that part of the story is required.

The Assange incident does one single work: exposure of bourgeois state, and in this case, imperialist state. It's a good lesson for those having trust on the bourgeois democracy. This incident is enough to take away all arguments and sweet words from the propagandists—in the MSM and in the academia—about the "democracy" they uphold.

What Assange did is historic. He functionally exposed state, bourgeois state, imperialist state, the brutality and crooked practices of the bourgeoisie. Long ago, Marx and Lenin, and their co-workers discussed and exposed the bourgeoisie, their political character, their state power, their cruelty. What Assange did was presenting contemporary evidences of the true nature and character of the bourgeoisie, especially of the imperialists. All the evidences were from the "core of the heart", or from the "deep chamber of brain", or from everyday manual—evidences from functional life of imperialism. These were from its politics in home and abroad, from its diplomacy, from its military activity. The evidences were so fresh that imperialism found no argument, not even fake arguments to defend self.

The amount of money the world imperialist system spends for having a beautiful make up—a "humane" face—is easy to assume. A look into its daily propaganda helps assume the fact. Moreover, there are informations, a lot of data on this activity. The entire audience of the MSM knows it. Moreover, there are statistics on the issue—war, actually aggression and occupation expeditions, expenditure, publicity expenditure, allotment of fund for research facilitating these wars, expenditure for diplomatic expeditions. The amount reaches to stratosphere if one takes into account the expenditures of the MSM, which serves imperialist-capitalist system.

All these amounts of money stood useless due to the exposure Wikileaks led by Assange made. With each exposure, the vast and monstrously powerful stood dumb. The terrible machine for world domination had nothing to do, but try assiduously to repair its "reputation". And, thus, Assange made him enemy of the system. In contemporary time, such an individual enemy is rare.

In real sense, Assange has contributed to world peace as he has made aware all about imperialist brute power, its shoving off all dissent and its cruel activities. The whistle blower and his associate—Wikileaks—have produced a mine of learning materials. The learning materials are on the bourgeois politics, state, diplomacy and military. In future, these will be studied thoroughly and deeply in academia and in political circles trying to understand the system.

Nevertheless, now, the London episode of Assange—denying him asylum and arresting him—exposes the "beautiful" face of the bourgeois system, on which many persons still keep trust. These persons are faithful, and shameless servants of the system. In imperialist-capitalist countries, these persons serve the system, and try to stop its decay; and in comprador-democracies, these persons work as proxies. Surely, it will not deter this band of "democracy"-mongers from singing their songs of "freedom" of expression.

The latest London incident centering Assange shows the weakness of the imperialist system—the entire system is waging a long battle against a single individual, and in this battle, the individual has been pushed out of shelter morally and ethically that a person is entitled to. And, the entire Assange episode shows vulnerabilities of the imperialist system—a single leak by an individual or by a group of individuals can expose the system; the system with its vast mechanism powered by its vast resources fail to hide its wrongdoings, exposure of which make it vulnerable. It reminds one of Fidel's comments: A needle can take away all air from the balloon. Assange has done this job—a service to humanity.

Vol. 51, No. 43, Apr 28 - May 4, 2019