Political Madness and Demolition of Vidyasagar Statue

From psychological research, it has been revealed that there is four types of madness—(insanity) bad, mad (angry), sad and glad. Bad-mad are always dangerous because bad-mad people cause harm to others. They are destructive in their habits. Their acts are very much willful and deliberate. They usually involve public authority and resources as gesture of their anger.

During the 17th poll campaigns in India, people of India witness a lot of incidents of madness of political leaders and supporters of multi-parties politics. The party workers/supporters are in mad-mad symptoms. Their campaign materials are usually full of provocation, intolerance, violence and exchange of abusive vocabularies.

This mad-mad situation obviously harms normalcy in their campaigns, and it creates a culture of tension among public lives. The purpose is simple to win the voters mind through threat and intolerance. It is show off culture of strength of a particular party and its supporters. In Indian democracy, democracy never saves and protects a life. But every party claim that it only works to save and to protect the lives of the democratic citizen. It is only eye-wash. Therefore, the very recent incident of demolition of Vidyasagar statue by the political supports of a particular political group is not a miracle and uncertain matter. It is only an example of bad-mad and mad-mad people act. It is obviously a cruel tactic of power of domination to the opponent. The simple theory of conspiracy is to win the voters' sentiment sentimentally to turn their opinion from all others.

There is urgent need to control this type of emotional black mail in the democracy. The political party should act as responsible members of Indian democracy. Only promise during the poll or violence during the poll would not be a right way to serve the democracy as democratic soldier.

Vol. 51, No. 48, Jun 2 - 8, 2019