Where is Gita?
Lord Sri Krishna considered as an Avatar—a direct descent of God by Hindus—is the central figure of the Bhagavad Gita. The Gita (saying of Sri Krishna) is the guidelines for a spiritual path of wisdom, devotion and discrimination to Hindus. Sri Krishna teaches about philosophy of life and ultimate destination of life. However, Swami Vivekananda explained that Gita teaches two basic principles of life—sacrifice and principle of non-attachment. It teaches to avoid greed in any form—property, money and wealth etc. It guides to help fellow men without any expectation of return or selfless work should be the goal. Secondly, one should bear his/her duties and responsibilities without any attachment. It also guides to life selflessly, and one should adopt a life of voluntary simplicity. Thus, one could lead a happy and peaceful life.

Now India is under rule of a political party of Hindu domination and it demands the people of India should accustom to the guiding principles of Gita. This pilitical party imposes to adopt the rule of Gita. But fortunately, the political leaders of this ruling party are far away from the teaching of the Gita. A few months before, the Election Commission of India reported the wealth status of elected representatives of both houses. It reflected that leaders of ruling party are mostly rich.

How it is possible according to the saying of the Gita, if they are so-called Hindus by faith? In their daily lives, they hardly follow the teaching of sacrifice and voluntary simplicity. They never or hardly follow rules what they try to teach others. It is tactically a deliberate effort to spread communal disharmony and vague religious rigidity. They forget about India's oneness. No religion treats to separate a fellow member of society in terms of his/her faith. The religion always teaches belivers to live together with each one's own faith and it teaches not to disturb others.

Now Hinduism has become a technique of exploitation to the so-called powerful Hindutva followers. It is only a religious musk. So, it is bad smell covering incense of the Gita. The polluted politics are polluting India's social, cultural and religious harmony.
Harashankar Adhikari,

Vol. 51, No.5, Aug 5 - 11, 2018