On ‘Why I am not just an Indian’ by Nissim Mannathukkaren

I M Sharma

He has not referred to the Komagata Maru incident specifically, when Canada was not so 'liberal' and fully aided the British imperialists.

But he should also ask himself, having Indian passport, did he just barge into Canada without any permits and lives there, or stays only on legal permission with valid documents - and also reveal to all. Saying high sounding things does not help or work.

We had multiple entry visas to the US but yet for even a short tourist visit to Canada we had to apply for and get regular Visas. Nissim should ask himself and also reveal to all whether these so-called 40 lakh illegal Bangladeshi immigrants ever applied for Indian visas, let alone getting it.

No country cannot tolerate or risk illegal immigrants - especially those belonging to fundamentalist and fanatic religions. World without borders may be a good ideal but not a reality of the day nor is it immediately achievable. One of the longstanding demands of the Assamese people's movement was driving out of these illegal immigrants both in the interests of the Assamese people and also in the interests of national security. The Assam Accord was officially struck - Rajiv Gandhi was a signatory to it - and it stipulated that all migrants without valid documents or fraudulently obtaining such documents are to be driven out and 1971 was fixed as the cut-off year. All this NRC and other measures were contemplated and initiated under the earlier Congress governments only but in the typical snail's pace the implementation was going on.

Hope it will be speeded up now. Those illegally barging into our country - especially Bangladeshi Muslims who did not apply for political or humanitarian asylum - should be driven out - pending that they should be given refugee status stripping them of franchise and other facilities due to Indian citizens. If needed they can be accorded all facilities due to refugees. Better transport them into refugee camps far away  from both West Bengal and Assam and locate them somewhere in central India pending their deportation.

This should be very strictly and curtly applied at least from the cut-off year 1991. For those between 1971-91 one can be a bit more liberal.

This process should be legally initiated and expeditiously carried out in West Bengal also. Otherwise in the coming decades the entire Bengal (West and East) will become an inferno of Islamic Republic of 'Golden Bengal'!

This is not just an off the cuff and jocular statement but after due consideration I am passing these trenchant remarks and expressing these opinions with strong demands.

I.M. Sharma, Advocate and Editor, LAW ANIMATED WORLD.

Jun 23, 2019

Mallik Sharma

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