In response to the editorial "Policy of Exclusion"

I M Sharma

The four million not entered in NRC because they were immigrants, indicated in the Government of India accord with AASU, AGP and other Assamese agitation bodies, to be deported, first disenfranchised, etc. and the cut-off date was 1971. Only the Congress governments failed to implement the same and now BJP government is proceeding with it. In my opinion any Government of India cannot and should not tolerate illegal immigrants. If they have found their names etc. in records, that is by fraud and fraud vitiates everything. Not only in Assam but in West Bengal also there are lakhs of Bangladeshi illegal immigrants pampered due to vote bank policies of various parties then and now. Unless they are deported, or at least removed from Bengal and Assam and consigned to refugee camps immediately pending deportation process, I think the country will go to the dogs. One should not forget that ISIS is very active in Bangladesh and several rationalist/atheist Hindus and Muslims are murdered and targeted by it. Also a lot of ethnic cleansing has occurred and still occurring in Bangladesh. In my opinion it is more dangerous to the safety and security of Indian people than even Pakistan. No guarantee the current somewhat liberal government in Bangladesh will continue. More chances are there that religious fundamentalists take over and work havoc. They will even raise slogans of "Aamaar Sonar [Islamic] Bangla" and the stupid West Bengali [Hindus and other non-Muslims] will be victims first and then the entire country too. "World without Borders" is an attractive ideal but doesn't work under the current global and national conditions. No country can or should tolerate illegal immigrants. In my opinion, these four million in no case be allowed to infiltrate into West Bengal, and all illegal immigrants in Bengal and Assam [of course in entire India too, but the problem is acute in these states only], subject to a few honourable exceptions, at least from the cut-off year 1991 at first, should be deported mercilessly.

- I. Mallikarjuna Sharma, Advocate and Editor, LAW ANIMATED WORLD.

Sep 8, 2018

Mallik Sharma

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