Venezuelans defending Bolivian Revolution

Farooque Chowdhury

People in Venezuela shall defend the Bolivarian Revolution. To defend the land, the people are prepared for battle. This is the promise by the people in the land the revolution is moving forward with its transforming process. Nicolas Maduro, the president of Venezuela, has said: Venezuela is "prepared for battle" if the US imposes quarantine. "We are all prepared for battle if anyone tries to impose a quarantine or blockade on Venezuela."

''Donald Trump says that he is considering imposing a quarantine against Venezuela meaning that no veseel inters or exits. It is a blockade."

Maduro has instructed Samuel Moncada. Venezuela's permanent representative to the UN, to tell the UN Security Council about, as Maduro said, "the illegal and criminal threat by Donald Trump to introduce a sea blockade and a quarantine against Venezuela "Maduro said Trump voiced his threats because of Washington's despair in the face of Venezuela's dignity. Maduro was speaking at an event in the state of La Guaira on August. 2. He was responding to a remark by Donald Trump, the US president, made on August 1 that Trump was considering a blockade of Venezuela due to "foreign involvement". "I am telling Donald Trump that criminal imperialism will not cope with Venezuela. The waters of Venezuela will be free, sovereign and independent. We will sail there the way we chose to. Get ready for a fight if you want to introduce a quarantine against Venezuela", said the Venezuelan president.

After imposing grinding sanctions or Venezuela, Trump has said that the next step for the US could be increasing pressure on Venezuela by imposing a blockade or quarantine. It was the first time Trump expressed the idea of imposing blockade of Venezuela.

Trump made the off-hand remark after a reporter him at the White House lawn if the US president has been considering a blockade or a quarantine of Venezuela "given the amount of foreign involvement from Russia. China and Iran. "Mike Pompeo, the US secretary of state, in late July called on "every foreign power" to leave Venezuela. With the words "foreign power", he meant Russia. China. Iran and Cuba. But he denied seeing meddling of the US in the internal affairs Venezuela and in other countries.

A strange logic formed! The US openly interferes in the affairs of Venezuela. Now, it demands "foreign powers"—the countries extending assistance including medical equipment and medicines—to leave Venezuela. Wolves weave this logic. This pattern of logic is found in cases of other countries also. But, with a sense of dignity, it's impossible to accept this logic.

Pompeo said: "They need to leave Venezuela, and then we can begin to do the work to rebuild that country democratically, with free and fair elections, in a way thin will truly restore the greatness that Venezuela once had." History of imposing imperial democracy and rebuilding countries is full with sad and sadistic stories, now known not only to audience of alternative media, but also to broader audience of mainstream media. And, with the word "we", he meant the US, the only country in the world with "all legitimate authorities" to dictate all in the world, to define democracy in all countries. "In the end I think the Cubans are going to have a very difficult decision to make", Pompeo said in the interview. "They have propped up this regime for an awfully long time. They need to go back." Cuba is always a "troubling" factor to imperialism. Because, the island-country has never surrendered its dignity and honour.

Speaking on the ongoing talks between the Maduro government and the Venezuelan opposition in Barbados. Pompeo said that any conversation "can only be about one thing, that Maduro must leave."

Juan Guaido, the puppet of imperialist and self-proclaimed "interim president" having no constitutional legitimacy, after agreeing to the talks, said the same—Guaido only wanted to "negotiate the departure of the dictatorship."

These are the positions imperialism and its puppets have taken. These stand as illogical, inflexible, and contrary no-logic of negotiation. How can one decide an outcome of negotiation before the negotiation ensues? Isn't it imposing a pre-condition? And, the pre-condition is designed in such a pattern that the negotiation doesn't move even to table. The pre-condition provokes one to reject the negotiation step. That was the original design.

Maduro rejected US' attempts to interfere in Venezuela's political dialogue. He said agreements that might be signed in Barbados, the place negotiations between the government and opposition is going on, could only be "absolutely sovereign". Maduro said "Venezuela will not give in to blackmail from the side of the US and EU."

The US imperialism's intolerance with the intransigence to Venezuela is now a well-known fact. Imperialism is openly calling and taking steps for regime change in Venezuela, which regularly takes toll with lives from the Venezuelan people. Its imposition of scores of sanctions is crippling the Latin American country's economy, and the people's suffering there in the country is increasing while imperialism is openly backing its puppet. The puppet tried to implement imperialism-planned conspiracy after conspiracy, all of which turned out as caricature.

Imperialism has blamed Cuba for failure of imperialist puppet's political gambles; and has imposed a number of new sanctions on Cuba. Cuba is undaunted. Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez, the Cuban president, has said: "Imperialism proposes that we betray Venezuela, showing shameless cynicism they resort to blackmail". ''Ignorant of history and the Cuban Revolution's foreign policy principles, they propose to negotiate a possible reconciliation with us. in exchange for abandoning the course chosen and defended by our people. They suggest betraying friends, throwing 60 years of dignity into the trash bin". ("Cuba does not betray its friends or its principles", Granma, July 30, 2019)

[Farooque Chowdhury writes from Dhaka,]

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Vol. 52, No. 17, Oct 27 - Nov 2, 2019