Bolivia, an old Story

Bolivia, where Che was murdered by CIA is, in actual sense, an old story. For decades, the story is going on: Exploitation-poverty-struggles against exploitation-exploiters' intrigues-intrigues engineered by Washington with impunity killing people but struggles continue.

Evo Morales, Bolivia's exiled president, depicted the reality during his recent remark in Mexico: The struggle does not end here.

The struggle enters a new phase in Che's blood-soaked Bolivia. The November 10 coup in the Andean country exposes American imperialism's limit of power.

For years, imperialist agencies including the infamous National Endowment for Democracy carried on its subversive operations in Bolivia with the help of a type of NGOs. Rightist politicians were working with these hirelings. But, they failed to organise a "color revolution". "Soft" intervention—imperialism designed "democracy" installation—reached its Zenith—this far, no farther.

So, the armed forces were mobilised to unseat Evo. An announcement of failure it is. The masters of the world failed to follow political process stipulated in the country's constitution. So, the uniformed officers told Evo: Exit. Why? Evo was hitting hard.

With Evo at the helm, the Bolivian people were marching forward: GDP represented US$9 billion when Evo won the elections for the first time. Today, it exceeds US$ 49 billion. In addition, there's a better redistribution of wealth among the citizens. Nationalisations and fights against privatisation helped transfer of revenue to pump money into infrastructure, increasing government investment in social spending, and dignity to the exploited that were gradually empowering itself.

There was steady growth. "Of the 13 years of government we led, Bolivia was during six years the first country in economic growth in the region," the president said.

Before Evo's assumption of power, the country with neoliberal approach was dwelling in a shanty of high rate of extreme poverty, high level of inequality, almost all basic services privatised, robbing of natural resources. And, rulers were obedient to the White House. It was a heaven for exploiters—multinationals of all hues.

The post-coup scene will not be long. The reasons: The people are fighting, and the usurpers are not succeeding in handling of political process in their favour.


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Vol. 52, No. 25, Dec 22 - 28, 2019