Trump's India Visit
After the end of popular nationalism post British colonial era and the waning of the anti-imperialist revolutionary zeal generated by the successful Vietnamese resistance struggle against American imperialism, nationalism has become a mere tool of the ruling class for building the unified apparatus of power to rule the subjects of the nation. The success story at the initial phase of the neo-liberal policy instills a sense of irrelevance of any nationalist project. But the inefficacy and failure of neo-liberal project to maintain a social balance and centre-periphery relation for sustainable hegemony of the ruling class necessitates an inward-looking appear within the ambit of neo-liberalism.

The political ramification of this ruling class dilemma is the rise of variants of nationalism which acts as prop to the Indian fascism or "America first" variant of US imperialism. The imagined nationalism of developing countries based on ethno-culturalism, obscurantism and religious fanatism is pitted against an imagined enemy. Thus, the Indian nationalism propounded by the Sangh Parivar revolves around the "Muslim and Pakistan" centric rhetoric of socio-political vocabularies and institutional arrogance. The sustenance of a low-key conflictual tension between India and Pakistan in this sub-continent benefits the US imperialist to sell their arms and that is what has been manifested prior to Mr Trump's visit to India. India has struck a defence purchase deal with the US for a humongous amount of money when the Indian economy is reeling under crisis and the Indian masses are suffering with record low purchasing power and record high unemployment.

In the backdrop of crisis in Export market, the Chinese ruling class which leads a state-capitalism in the name of market socialism has also started looking for domestic market when their expansionist project in East Asia and South-East Asia, reminiscent of Chinese civilisational domination over this area through a tributary system, is going ahead rapidly in infrastructure building couched in so called benevolent model of both investor country and the destination country.

The purchase deal along with the subservient attitude of the Indian Government in receiving a foreign hegemonic global leader and in providing Mr Trump a platform for election campaign in his domestic-constituency hurts the Indian popular nationalistic pride. But this is the one part and most visible part of story of imperialist domination. The real domination of the imperialism on the developing countries like India lies in maintaining the differential exploitation of the Indian masses and exacerbating the social discrimination and social inequalities.

PCC CPIML appeals the Indian masses to rise to the occasion to safeguard their Indian pride by opposing the subservient role of the Indian ruling compradors to their global imperialist master.
Subhash Deb
General Secretary, PCC CPIML

The World Convention
On behalf of the organising committee of the World Convention on Human Right and Child Abuse, War against Terrorism (WCPCVAWSH) 2020, I am delighted to welcome you to the world convention that provides the most comprehensive frame work in the world.

The World Convention is on preventing and combating violence against women and Human Right and Child Abuse, War Against Terrorism. (WCPCVAWSH) 2020 is scheduled to take place from 13th to 17th April, 2020 at North Carolina, United States of America and from 20th to 24th April 2020 in Dakar Senegal.

To prevent violence against women, protect its victims, prosecute the perpetrators and set up a wide range of measures to address this scourge in all its complexity. This convention has the potential to save live against Terrorism and change the lives of millions of women who are victims of violence because of their gender and millions of other victims of domestic violence. Sponsored by other benevolent donors worldwide.

All interested delegates that requires entry visa to enter the United States of America to attend this meeting will be assisted by our organisation in obtaining visa in their passport. Free round trip air ticket to attend this meeting will be provided to all participants. The Workshop welcomes paper presentation from any interested participants willing to present papers during the summit.

If you are interested in attending and for fast response, please contact the WCPCVAWSH conference secretarial via Email [secretariatoffice] as soon as possible. Please invite your colleague.

I look forward to see you at this great event.
Ms Deborah Michael

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Vol. 52, No. 38, Mar 22 - 28, 2020