Neo Nazi Chronology

The Saffron Establishment in Crisis

Asis Ranjan Sengupta

The Communal agenda of "Hindus in danger", and majoritarian supremacy theory (very much like Germany in danger and perception of Jewish threat), was being pursued by the Rashtriya Sayamsevak Sangh(RSS) from the pre partition days. But this communal politics failed to strike deep root in public mind, particularly after partition it lost its relevance.

The Jana Sangh, which became Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), floated itself riding the anti-Indira wave, and breaking Janta Dal later. Unlike Islam, Christianity, Hinduism has no original preacher, so RSS needed one idol to mobilise under one umbrella. So the dormant Ramjanmabhmi agenda proved handy. Taking advantage of the weakness of democratic forces, one TV serial was enough to rouse Godhood of Ramachandra, an Epical Hero, and adored by the people down the ages and across the land of perceived religiosity .The Rathyatra, that provoked riot and bloodshed, culminated in Babri Demolition, again paved the bloody path of BJP.

Curiously, this politics has always gained from public misery and suffering. Every time, bloody riots broke out, right from post Babri demolition to Gujrat pogrom, the saffron vote bank gained. But the Vajpayee rule for a full term, failed to charm people, despite Kargil. So in 2014 BJP fooled people by false tirade against corruption, taking advantage of Anna Hazare's 'India against Corruption Movement', cheered by Kejriwal.

But the happy days were short lived, as they lost Delhi and Bihar shortly after. Now they dished out hatred based fake nationalism, by launching attack on student community, target being JNU and other Central Universities like Hyderabad. The false charges, arrests, suicide, strangely proved tasty to a large number of majority community, as they were just confused and enjoyed the taste of the new recipe. As UP vote approached, the desperate BJP again resorted to same inflicting misery tool, and announced Note ban, putting economy in jeopardy, just to win a state poll. And this experiment, along with EVM tampering paid good dividends. The outcome is well known. The sudden and abrupt imposition of GST without planning and preparation, broke the back bone of small, medium manufacturing sector, Real Estate, business, trade, along with whole unorganised sector. The economy lost it's mobility. Meanwhile, The Rafael scam, exposed the anti corruption falsehood, but this time Supreme Court came in rescue. The collaboration between Govt. and judiciary, in promoting and saving BJP, became clear. But again, the loss of 44 lives in Pulawama, the Balakot strike, and return of crashed fighter jet, drama proved fruitful, though the Kargil drama had failed earlier. From this point the role of media, all out surrender of official media became clear. So the second term dream materialised.

This second term, proved costly for the country. The autocratic strategy was well chalked out. The BJP always gained from sufferings. Godhra for Gujarat riot, to retain power, Babri demolition blood bath to capture power. 44 lives to win poll, similarly with the help of media, the constant attack on all opposition, peddling fake news and theory, wild howling by crook anchors, came to be the hall mark of good journalism. The fearless scribes, writers, Teachers, activists, defenders branded as anti nationals, and either killed or put behind bars. Bhima Koregaon riot was created by saffron hooligans, but instead of charging them and allowing them scot free, Vara Vara Rao, Soma Sen, Anand Teltumbade, and eleven others were falsely implicated in Elgar Parishad case, and imprisoned. The UAPA act was so amended that, anyone who is in disfavour of Govt. can be kept in custody without trial.

The first test case was Triple Talaq ban. A handful of courageous Muslim ladies fought out a difficult battle against all odds, and Supreme Court finally banned the barbaric medieval practice of instant Triple Talaq.. Soon BJP seized the opportunity, and passed a law to criminalise it. Thus a breach in procedure of civil contract, as marriage is, got criminalised, against all instances in any law. The step to criminalise the community and its practice, thus found favour with not only majority, but also a large section of women of the minority community, who were sufferers, down the ages. The stunt clicked.

The unilateral revocation of Article 370, reorganisation of J&K, by converting the state into Union Territories, was just putting the clock backwards, against all constitutional norms, as well as, clear violation of the treaty of accession that annexed Kashmir Kingdom with Indian Union. The excuse was Terrorism for which People of Valley suffered most, down the decades, and the entire population is branded as Terrorists. Article 371, that provides similar protection to North Eastern States, are not in Question. But the attack on majority Muslim people, of Kashmir, satisfied the saffron brigade's communal agenda, as well as election promise. But the Kashmir problem is further complicated, and subsequent house arrest of leaders, and prolonged lock down of internet and media, pushed it to the point of no return, and Kashmir at present, appears lost forever, without any possibility of any permanent solution in sight. Terrorism is going beyond control, as usual. It is intriguing to note that BJP has successfully convinced the substantial number of majority community people that, the horrible state sponsored terror which has been unleashed on Kashmir under AFSPA cover now, is a fitting revenge for the forcible exodus of Pundits from the valley, three decades back, that took place when it was under President's rule, with Jagmohan, allegedly a BJP man, as the Governor, sent by the Central Government, which was run by a coalition, in which BJP was a partner, and Home Minister was from the valley party, that was BJP ally, even just a couple of months before. That is how communal Fascism works.

With the success of Kashmir experiment, the next step was the amendment of citizenship law. Being encouraged by Assam experiment of Assamese sub nationalism, as opposed to Indian nationalism, the worshippers of Bharatmata, with the patronage of Supreme Court, the communal agenda, was set afoot to establish Hindu sub nationalism. with that aim, a spurious, offering citizenship to the displaced refugees from select neighbour countries, was imposed and bill passed, with the tool of brute majority. In neither cases of Article 370, or Citizenship Bill, stake holders were consulted, or any debate took place in any house. It is just one way traffic of the sweet will of the ruling faction. Thus another target of making Parliament irrelevant was also achieved. Indira Gandhi had to declare Emergency to do all this, but now, no such need, it is emergency all the time.

The pathetic experience of Assam where helpless people in millions of all communities are harassed, and undergoing inhuman torture, is still fresh in the minds of the people. So a huge protest erupted against this move to extend Assam suffering to the entire country, and naturally scared Muslim people, who were purposely omitted in the citizenship inclusion law, came out in streets. Curiously, this time, women who are confined indoors and victims of religious rigors, participated mostly. The Shaheen Bagh created history. The protests, agitations were peaceful and with National Flags in hand. This was disturbing, all of them were branded as pro Pak, anti India. The Pandemic, was the opportunity, the Contamination and distancing law dispersed and melt down the protest. A deadly riot was again staged with the help of Delhi police, to kill Muslims and destroy their houses and properties.

The Pandemic-Lock down in four hours' notice was imposed, and an Islamic cleric congregation was held responsible for spread of Pandemic, even virus was communalised.

Next thing that happened, is exactly Bhima Koregaon Model. outside miscreants were brought to create riots, with the help of police, and the Citizenship Act protestors and agitators, who had no link with any riot, were / are framed, arrested. The same model in Bhima Koregaon incident, the Elger Parishad, and the prominent critics, eminent personalities, who had no link altogether with Bhima Koregaon Violence, which was evidently created by hooligans from outside, were / are implicated and draconian UAPA inflicted, to put them behind bars without trial.

Being enthused by the success of 370, and citizenship law, the almighty Home Minister, made clear the chronology of NRC, NPR to the countrymen, and being charged Electrically, exhorted that, Indian Kashmir, was now integrated (as if it were outside India hitherto), and next effort would be to capture the Pakistan occupied Kashmir, and that he would make all out efforts to recapture Aksai Chin that India lost to China, in 1962, due to the folly of Nehru. Not stopping there, Indian Home Ministry released a revised Map on November 2, 2019, following the bifurcation of erstwhile J& K on Aug 5, showing PoK as part of the reorganised J& K, and Gilgit Baltistan, in newly created UT of Ladakh, This misadventure backfired immediately. Earlier, Indira Gandhi, after liberating Bangladesh from Pakistan in 1971, had annexed Sikkim in 1973. So Nepal got alerted, and immediately objected to the newly constructed China link Road, via Kalapani and Lipulekh, inaugurated by Rajnath Singh on May 8 2020.

The relation with Nepal had already soured in 2015, when India, as a big brother, sought to interfere in the new Constitution drafting process, RSS tried to establish organisational presence in Jankpur, near border, as the fancy birthplace of Sita Maia, like the Ram birth place in Ayodhya. The Madhesi Tribe, inhabiting in the Terrai region alleged that they had been neglected in the new constitution. India govt, held solidarity with their agitation, and patronised them in erecting the blockade in the border for almost six months. This blockade cost Nepal dearly. The land locked country is fully dependent on India for all logistic supply, and this paralysed their economy. A huge anti India feeling grew in Nepal, and from this point of time Nepal started getting closer to China. Earlier during demonetisation, nearly 74 crore of Indian currency, which is freely exchanged in Nepal, got stuck, and Nepal complained that despite repeated requests, R B I of India, did not exchange with new currency, in Nepal Central Bank. So, Nepal immediately published one revised map from their end showing areas, which were so long undisputed, or was considered Indian territory.

On the other side, China got irritated over the creation of Ladakh as a separate UT, and showing Gilgit Baltistan in Indian Map, or exhortation over recovery of Aksai Chin, as they have already constructed roads on those areas, and Aksai Chin is strategically located. India was constructing Roads and infrastructure, in Ladakh Border areas of Pangong, Shyock valley, Oldie Beg etc. China never reacted but now China also rose up, raised old disputes, the talks between Nehru and Zhou en Lai, in the 50s, and captured a huge area of Ladakh. Initially Govt of India was in denial mode, but truth came out, they are still refusing to back out, and Indian valour eruption in Parliament, ended up in banning Chinese Apps in Smart Phones.

Internally, there is lot of disturbances in Ladakh too, the people are now demanding, Article 35 like protection, in land property and jobs, and Kargil people, totally Muslim, are very much aggrieved for being put under Buddhist rule in new UT, they demand restoration of 370 and 35A. So situation here also is volatile.

After Demonetisation and GST, another big blow was abrupt lock down without preparation and planning. Crores of jobless people came out in streets and highways, trying to go back to native places. The counter migration witnessed a calamity, when starving people, famished, dehydrated, died in hundreds in roads and crushed by either Trains or other vehicles. Court refused to intervene, Govt. arranged Ramayana Serial in TV, and the whole economy collapsed.

When all bogus relief packages failed to pick up, and nosedive was justified as 'act of God', they came out with a novel education policy. A High Sounding text read with big dreams, but no direction to the way of achievement. The thrust clearly is on digitalisation and privatisation, as no mention of 'right to education', and silent about source of huge fund requirement.

The biggest attack on the people came, when the notorious, agricultural reforms bills were passed in most irregular way, almost by whims and force. This was but an hijack of the only performing private sector by the crony corporates and multi national vultures waiting to suck the blood of farmers. Without going into lengthy detail, one or two salient features are, minimum support price abolished, exists only as lip service to appease the anger. Private hoarding and black marketing, that is making profit by raising prices artificially, which were illegal, are now legal, and essential commodities act done away with for withdrawing the state controlled price mechanism system All this may ensure farmer's choice, is but a misnomer, for in case of grievances, as they are always in weaker position in negotiation with big houses, they cannot go to court, but to the Officers in administration, who will ensure them justice. Only fools can believe that. In a country like India, which is at the bottom line in Global hunger index, this attack on agriculture poses a great threat to Food security and Food for all concept. BJP came to power by promising proper implementation of Swaminathan Committee recommendations, in 2014 election campaign, but in 2020, they just flushed all down the filthy sewerage channel of corporate lust.

Not only that, as the opposition boycotted the houses after forcible and treacherous passing of Farm Bills they passed several labour law amendment bills treacherously in vacant houses. Thus vital Labour laws that were achieved and enacted as a result of long struggles, agitations and legal battles, so far, are all backstabbed and nullified in a single stroke. All in the name of ensuring 'ease of doing business' and rationalising the "archaic" laws, and in reality these are blatant attack on Trade Union rights, and rights of collective bargaining strength of the workers. The unorganised sector has been hit below the belt, and organised sector lost all the gains, acquired in these years, since the days of British Raj.

In each case, be it education or agriculture, or Labour Law, the trend is towards centralisation, all are in concurrent list, but in no case stake holders consulted, or cared for. After the success of Kashmir reorganisation, this dangerous development of subverting the powers and jurisdiction of states, is ominous, and a clear indication of emergence of Presidential rule, without any role of house of representatives, or people's direct participation in governance, as that suits RSS ideology of one man, one nation, one language, one religion, one culture, as opposed to essential Indian pluralism.

Evidently, Pandemic is a global threat to the people and Governments, but it provides a wonderful opportunity to Indian rulers to position and fire the masses in all fronts.

Foreign Currency Regulations Act (FCRA), was first introduced by Indira Gandhi during Emergency, to curb foreign funding to political parties. But all political parties are fond of such funds, though Court had declared it illegal, one Legal body filed a suit on acceptance of foreign fund by both Congress and BJP. In 2016, Late Arun Jailey, passed two amendments, illegally as 'Money Bill' (meant for granting budget or emergency expenditure of Union Govt. only) and legalised it, even with retrospective effect, only in case of political parties. This, along with the Electoral Bonds Bill, courtesy same Jaitley, paved the smooth way of collecting black money for Election funding, and all criminal practices, as donkey trading of MLAs are.

But the foreign funding of Indian NGOs, who render real philanthropic services to the people as a whole without discrimination of caste, religion or creed, and those who work for environment, human rights, legal protection to poor, are sources of all discomfort to the Fascists, and from the start, they are subjected to various heckles and curbs. Recently, Govt. amended the FCRA in such a way that, henceforth, it is impossible for anyone to operate in Indian soil so much so that Amnesty International, the biggest global human rights NGO, was forced to close Indian operation, due to witch hunt.

The 2020 Act necessitates all NGOs receiving foreign funds, operating in length and breadth of India, to open FCRA a/c only in one earmarked (not marked as yet) SBI Branch, and their expenses estimate limit, has been set in such a way that they are likely to be left with no fund for social service activities. The independent NGO, like free Press, free Thinkers, writers, are real enemies of an autocratic tyranny, every time, everywhere. And it demands transparency from others when Rafael deal, Electoral Bond or PM Cares fund, are grossly opaque and shady. It will be interesting to watch how big Religious NGOs like RK Mission, ISCKON, or Sisters of Charity, who receive large foreign donations, and of course RSS, the biggest beneficiary, registered as socio-cultural NGO, reconcile themselves with this changed norms, or whether law is going to take a different approach in imposing on them, or even amend only to accommodate them. Everything is possible.

Riding on the Horses of CBI, Income Tax, NIA, ED, sold out Media, Laws like UAPA, the Chariots of Totalitarian Neo Nazi dispensation, the present regime is displaying and using its ugly fangs, tooth, claws to damage the very texture of our democracy. The leading other dictators have different methods of clinging to power, Putin amended constitution to continue up toThe 2036, Xi Ping for the life time, and kim has a dynasty communism. But Modi need not worry, he can impose Emergency without declaring it, and he can suppress opposition in the name of Nationalism, and manipulate the opposition, manufacture support, produce election results as the official opposition camp is aimless, disunited, submerged in infighting, opportunism, vested interest, No Jay Prakash Narayan, even Anna Hazare, to coordinate and orchestrate the genuine rage and discontent of the vast masses, who are everyday taught to dance with statue, Mandir changed place names. Presently, no light is visible at the end of the tunnel, but there is light after every dark.

Vol. 53, No. 22-25, Nov 29 - Dec 26, 2020