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One leader of the Bhara-tiya Janata Party (BJP) from Kerala says that such a high level of literacy is not helping them to win the assembly election. Literacy and reading habit and library facilities are supporting each other in creating an environment which does not encourage the Hindutva politics. Highly educated and technical people are the great supporters of the Hindutva politics. There is a joke regarding Germany that it had the highest number of Ph Ds and India had the highest number of illiterates. Germany produced Hitler and India produced Gandhi. In truth the rich and trading class of Gujarat have produced Modi and Shah.

Avijit Pathak, a scholar and a cynic as well, writes on Bengal politics by branding all political groups irrespective of their colour and flag are of the same stuff  who look electoral politics as an opportunistic way of capturing power by playing violent activities and appeasing the dubious forces. He blames the middle class who has a complex intellectual landscape by incorporating various elements from Ram Mohan Roy to Tagore at one end and at another Mrinal Sen and Satyajit Ray, having no quality to confront the present scenario. Avijit claims that Left and Congress by siding with some religious outfit representing minority sentiments is an opportunistic politics whereas Mamata has nothing new to offer. The BJP is looking at the Dalits as their saviour. All these are from a cynic who makes everything equal which is a part of Sociology as a system of hierarchical thinking without any egalitarian values and progressive ideological leaning while indirectly supporting Modi- Shah like some American scholars started supporting Trump by putting the similar arguments. This is one way of backing fascist forces with an intellectual quibbling. But for his information Sajjan Kumar blames Mamata Banerjee in his article in Indian Express "How TMC eased way for BJP and BJP carried it and formed its political coalition in Bengal". BJP's entry into politics of a region by organising riots is a time-tested practice. For creating riots they need muscle men. These muscle men are absent in BJP's own traditional base such as Bania, Brahmin and Rajput. So they are importing them from other communities, particularly the Dalits.

Opposition to BJP and RSS is growing which is getting spoken by the leaders of farmers and Rahul Gandhi in a blunt manner. He is speaking loudly and clearly about the BJP as a fascist organisation. He is holding the horns of bull now. Politics in India is going to be confrontational at national level. A new platform is emerging led by Rahul Gandhi where all opposition parties are standing with him. It seems that the ensuing election to five states is going to be a high water mark in Indian politics. Workers from trade unions and banks and Insurance Company and others have come out to the streets. Politics of India is going to be innovative and taking up the national cause. The way oceanic storm is blowing across the country the government has no option but to withdraw these agricultural laws and policy related to privatisation of banks and Insurance. Or it will have to resort to massive repression. Now it is no more an isolated event in Indian politics.



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Vol. 53, No. 41, Apr 11 - 17, 2021