Virtual Education
Virtual education (on-line education) is the only best alternative for all—government and experts. But the opportunity of this system is not accessible to all, particularly for poor and rural pupils. It has brought darkness to the overall learning system and it is a great crisis so far as the future of learners is concerned. It is / would be a curse to this generation. It has undoubtedly an immense effect on national growth and development.

Already various studies show the consequences of this uncomfortable situation. It increases dropout, child labour, and underage marriage. The children are now victims of domestic violence. Gradually, these learners are entering into a world of hunger and other evils.

Anyway, virtual education serves particularly the learners of better-off families of urban and semi-urban areas. Unfortunately, the teachers do not follow a particular schedule/ routine of the virtual classes. The teachers usually take classes as per their own will and availability. Many times they use to take classes in the evening or night time. Is this an appropriate system? Why they would not take classes at school or college hours? Has there any monitoring system of institutional authorities? Further, is on-line classes for some home tasks to the pupils? In many cases, teachers instruct with some home assignments.

Therefore, teachers and the government should rethink their responsibilities. Self-Governments may consider it a scope to save their face-value at this time of increasing unemployment. It is a true fact that governments fail to generate employment in public sectors. On the other hand, there is no industrial growth and development in India for a long. Its privatisation and industrial policies are full of weakness and bias. This pandemic is an advantage to the government to merge the issue of unemployment.
Harasankar Adhikari, Kolkata

Fake Dollar Printing
America wants open democracy in all countries such that they can smear without hindrance the top echelons, subverting their economies from top to propagate the fake-dollar printing as a universal currency to cheat the world with this bluff, with a false inventory of claimed largest Gold Reserve of over 8 k tonnes without an annual or no control since the inception of FED in 1913, but after 1933 revoking gold standard due to Great Depression when they junked the gold substitute, again after 1972, when Nixon walked away from Bretton Woods agreement.

Since approx.1947 Fed never seem to have controlled its inventory, that the Germans had to ask the U.S. under Obama regime to return their Gold deposit of over 3k tonnes with FED for security, with Obama’s embarrassing answer, he cannot do it immediately, but only after few years.
George Chakko, Vienna, Austria

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Vol. 54, No. 11, Sep 12 - 18, 2021