American War Crimes

A couple of weeks ago, PRE-sident Joe Biden stood before the General Assembly of the United Nations and said that “for the first time in 20 years, the United States is not at war. We’ve turned the page.” His statement was a damnable lie; a damnable lie with respect to Afghanistan, where American troops may be gone, but where US bomber planes and bomber drones are still dropping their deadly payloads on the people and buildings in Afghanistan. And a damnable lie with respect to a shocking number of other countries where the United States is engaged in some form of military action.

Biden admitted as much when, in June, he sent a letter to Congress listing all of the countries where US troops are waging war against groups opposed by the United States. And according to the journal, Conflict Management and Peace Science, the United States has 173,000 military troops engaged in conflicts in 159 other nations! Hell, it’s hard to find a country where US troops are not engaged in some form of military action, be it in the Middle East, Asia, Africa, or South America.

There are over 40,000 US troops just in the Middle East; 2,500 of them in Iraq, more than 18 years since George Bush first attacked Iraq. 900 troops are in Syria. Drones are dropping bombs in Pakistan and in, well, far, far too many other countries to list today.

Well, since the civilian deaths from this almost unimaginable litany of illegal military actions has caused millions of deaths and many more millions of ruined lives and destroyed infrastructure, it tells that these US presidents are war criminals. In Biden’s case, his war crimes continue, with no end in sight. And since the lion’s share of those deaths have taken place in Muslim countries, it tells the world, as well, that the United States has for at least 20 years now been waging a war of genocide against the Muslim world.

What about the US prison on Guantanamo? At it’s peak it held close to 900 Muslin men and children, and held them for years and years, in most cases with no real charges ever being brought against them. Today, there are only about 40 of those poor men still stuck in Guantanamo prison.

American people, as well as their leaders, are happy to have tax dollars and soldiers police the world and cover it over with the war crimes they have committed in our name!

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Vol. 54, No. 20, Nov 14 - 20, 2021